The Economic Development Element of the General Plan for the City of Berkeley, adopted in 2001-2002, calls for an Arts and Culture Plan that establishes citywide goals and strategies to support and develop local arts, culture, and entertainment. 

The Cultural Plan: A Beginning

This document was the first phase for beginning the City of Berkeley's Arts and Culture Plan. This document completed the first round of development for what will be a city-wide Cultural Plan.

The Civic Arts Program along with the Civic Arts Commission  worked with the consulting agency, ArtsMarket, to initiate and implement the first steps towards creating a complete and comprehensive Cultural Plan. 

This beginning effort established the following:

  • A database of 130 Arts and Cultural non-profit organizations in the City of Berkeley

  • An Economic Impact Analysis for this sector on the Berkeley community

  • A general assessment of needs of the 130 non-profit organizations studied

  • A  compilation of over 85 individual community responses collected from a Public Opinion Web Survey

Areas to be further developed:

  • A data base of individual artists

  • A data base of private, creative businesses

  • A detailed assessment of space/facility needs for individual and performing artists

  • A plan to engage more diverse arts groups and individual artists

  • An Economic Impact Analysis that accounts for all of the above

How Berkeley is Unique

Our consultants, ArtsMarket, informed us that in the following areas Berkeley is unique:

  • The number of non-profits per population is very dense

  • The number and quality of the individual web survey responses received from the community

  • The willingness to share information and the quality of information shared

  • The large economic impact that the arts have on the Berkeley economy.


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