Regular Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 17, 2003
7 PM


Item 1.  Call to Order - Chair Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Alberti, Anderson, Chong (arrived at 7:23 p.m.), Evans, Hogarth, Kavanagh, Payne, Siegel. Spector 

Commissioners Absent: None 

Staff Present: Kelly, Wyche

Item 2. Approval of the Agenda - M/S/C (Siegel/Spector) TO APPROVE AS WRITTEN. Voice vote. Passed: 8-0-0-1. Absent: Chong.

Item 3. Public Forum - There was one speaker, Hedda Herzog, former tenant at 1204 Spruce.

Item 4. Approval of the October 20, 2003 Minutes - M/S/C (Alberti/Siegel) APPROVED WITH ONE CORRECTION UNDER ITEM 9.a.(1) Information and Announcements DATE OF TENANT'S RIGHTS WEEK SHOULD READ…WEEK OF OCTOBER 27 THROUGH OCTOBER 31, INSTEAD OF NOVEMBER. Voice vote. Passed: 7-0-1-1. Abstain: Spector; Absent: Chong.

Item 6.a.(1) Possible cancellation or change in location of the December 1st Board meeting.  M/S/C (Hogarth/Anderson) TO AUTHORIZE THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TO CANCEL OR CHANGE THE DECEMBER 1ST MEETING AFTER FURTHER DISCUSSIONS WITH ZONING BOARD STAFF. Voice vote. 8-0-0-1 Absent: Chong.

Item 6.a.(2) Proposal that the Board adopt a resolution to revise the Rent Stabilization Program's fee schedule to correct and update Resolution Number 02-01. M/S/C (Alberti/Payne) TO ADOPT RESOLUTION REVISING BOARD FEE SCHEDULE CURRENTLY SET FORTH IN RESOLUTION NUMBER 02-01. Roll call vote. Yes: Alberti, Anderson, Hogarth, Kavanagh, Payne, Siegel, Spector; No: None; Abstain: Evans; Absent: Chong. Passed: 7-0-1-1.

Item 5. a. Appeal RWN-1395; 2709 Derby Street. M/S/C (Chong/Spector) TO VACATE THE PETITION. Roll call vote. Yes: Alberti, Anderson, Chong, Hogarth, Kavanagh, Payne; No: None; Abstain: Evans, Siegel, Spector; Absent: None. Passed: 6-0-3-0.

b. Appeal T-4327; 1735 Berkeley Way, #3. M/S/C (Siegel/Payne) TO ACCEPT LEGAL STAFF RECOMMENDATION. Roll call vote. Yes: Alberti, Anderson, Chong, Hogarth, Kavanagh, Payne, Siegel; No: Evans, Spector; Abstain: None; Absent: None. Passed: 7-2-0-0.

c. Appeal T-4378; 2314 10th Street, Unit A. M/S/C (Spector/Hogarth) TO AFFIRM HEARING EXAMINER'S DECISION. Friendly amendment by Siegel and accepted by Spector: TO MODIFY DECISION BY GRANTING THREE EXTRA HOURS LABOR TO PROPERTY OWNER FOR ITEMS 5, 6 AND 9, (PAGE 52 OF THE RECORD), CHANGING THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF SECURITY DEPOSIT TO BE REFUNDED TO $508.66. Roll call vote. Passed 9-0.

Item 7.b. Committee meeting announcements.

(1) Budget and Personnel - TBA 

(2) Outreach - No meeting until January. 

(3) Eviction - No meeting scheduled. 

(4) IRA/AGA - Thursday, December 11 at 6 p.m. 

(5) 3x3 City Council/RSB Housing Committee - TBA

Item 8. Adjournment - M/S/C (Siegel/Alberti) To adjourn meeting. Voice vote: Passed: 9-0. Chair Anderson adjourned at 9:08 p.m.