Regular Meeting

Monday, October 4, 2004
7 p.m.

2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Council Chambers, Berkeley, CA.
Broadcast Live - KPFB - 89.3 FM
BTV Cable Channel 33


1. Roll Call - 7:00 p.m.

2. Approval of the Agenda

Please Note: The Board may rearrange items to accommodate time certain items.

3. Public Hearing on the Year 2005 Annual General Adjustment (AGA) and the draft AGA Report [PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader]. - 7:05PM

a. Update on operating costs for AGA. 

b. Testimony from members of public. 

c. Comments from Board Members, questions to staff and consultant.

4. Public Forum

5. Approval of the Minutes

Minutes of the September 20, 2004 regular meeting.

6. Appeal - Time Certain - 7:30 p.m.

a. Appeal T-4253; 2323 Hearst Avenue. (Continued to November 15, 2004 meeting.)

7. Action Items

a. From Executive Director and Board Members

(1) Recommendation to adopt a Resolution authorizing the Executive Director to extend the agreement with the City of Berkeley Housing Department whereby the Board will pay the Housing Department no more than $10,000 in the 2004/2005 Fiscal Year to continue to monitor the contract compliance of the Board's community agency service providers.

(2) Authorizing the Executive Director to enter into an agreement with the City of Berkeley Housing Department whereby the Board will reimburse the Housing Department no more than $50,000 in the FY 2004/2005 for use of a Senior Planner to collect and analyze data and provide requested reports on rental housing trends in the City of Berkeley, as well as assist in the preparation of the 2005 AGA report.

(3) Proposal to approve staff recommendation on the following request for waiver of late registration penalties. (Executive Director)

Ministerial Waivers

Waiver No.     Property Address
3150                2433 San Pablo Avenue

Discretionary Waivers

Waiver No.     Property Address
3156                2204 Channing Way 
3157                2201 Channing Way 
3159                2919 Hillegass Avenue 
3182                2201/2205 Blake Street; 2517 Fulton 
3191                1211 Parker Street 
3193                2115 Spaulding Avenue 
3196                2430 Fulton Street 
3197                2709 Dana Street 
3199                1917 Curtis Street 
3200                1615 Parker Street

8. Information and Announcements

Please Note: The Board may move Information Items to the Action Calendar.

a. Reports and information from Board Members/staff.

(1) Ellis Implementation Ordinance (Executive Director)

(2) FY 2004 Final Budget Report (Executive Director)

(3) Upcoming Rent Board events.

b. Committee meeting announcements and reports. (Committee meetings will be held at the Rent Board Offices located at 2001 Center Street, 2nd Floor, Law Library unless otherwise noted.)

(1) Budget/Personnel 

(a) Unapproved minutes: September 22nd meeting.

(2) Outreach

(3) Eviction

(4) IRA/AGA 

(a) Agenda: September 30, 2004 (Cancelled) 

(b) Unapproved minutes: June 1, 2004. 

(c) Agenda: October 4, 2004

(5) 4 x 4

c. Discussion of items for possible placement on future agenda material

9. Adjournment