Letter of recommendation from a teacher.

Dear Patty, 

Thanks for including us in your fabulous program this year. It is one of my very favorite field trips for all these reasons: challenging, informative, interactive, highest quality of instruction, kids are busy learning every minute of the trip, station activities include science, art, environmental studies, and include "hands-on" learning using all modalities. 


I especially wanted to let you know that I loved the new technology! I felt it really added personalization and made the dissection go smoothly by actually seeing you draw lines with diff. colors on screen photo of the anchovy! If you ever need an endorsement for your program, call on me, your biggest fan! 


Hope to see you next year! 
Here is a copy of my e-newsletter to parents: 

Dear Parents, 

We had a fabulous field trip to the Berkeley Marina Shorebird Nature Center! This is one of my all time favorite field trips for it's high quality level of instruction, challenging and engaging format and outstanding staff and docents! I love how much learning is packed into one morning! 

After a most informative multimedia presentation by Patty Donald, Marine Naturalist Extraordinaire, we divided into 3 activity stations. 

1) Aquarium Bingo: the specially cooled and filtered tank contains marine specimens from our very own SF Bay, especially those living around the Berkeley pier. Students searched the tank for tunicates, surf perch, barnacles, clams, observed how fish breathe, taking in water through their mouths, gathering oxygen as the water passes through their gills. 

2) Discovery touch table: cool specimens of shark jaws, shark casings for embryos, baleen from whale, stinger from bat ray, microscope discoveries and so much more! 

3) Gyotaku, Japanese art of fish printing 

Wait 'til you see the fabulous artwork using real striped bass, silver carp and tilapia. We are going to keep the artwork in the classroom to enjoy for awhile before sending them home to you. 

4) You must have already heard about the very cool dissection of a Northern Anchovy with "ooo's" and "aaahh's" about discovering the heart, intestines, stomach, gills, gill rakes, liver, kidney and last but not least, getting to take out the lens in the fish eyeball to keep! What a souvenir of our great day of discovery and learning! 

Thanks to our parent volunteers for "pitching in" and getting gooey and slimy in the process of helping at the discovery stations, and for being diligent about keeping the students engaged, on task, listening and well behaved! This was one the best group of parent volunteers I've every had, taking the job seriously! 

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