Aquatic ParkLocation

80 Bolivar Drive, at the foot of Bancroft Way (between Ashby and University Avenues) - Southwest Berkeley

Special Notice

Construction will start soon on the drainage improvements at the intersection of Bolivar and Bancroft at Aquatic Park. In addition to drainage improvements, the project will also involve repaving that intersection, delineating parking spaces and improving sidewalks/pathways in that immediate intersection area.

At this time, construction is expected to be complete by the middle of July. There will be restricted parking in that immediate area; though parking between 90 Bolivar and Dreamland should be unaffected.  Please expect traffic delays during construction and please follow any detours around the site when final paving is being performed. The exact dates are TBD. 

Getting There 

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Aquatic Park provides a wide range of recreational opportunities, including bird-watching, boating, hiking, and the "Dream Land for Kids" play area, as well as a habitat for bird and aquatic life.

Technical Studies:  

A)  Aquatic Park Improvement Program Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)The City of Berkeley has completed a Draft Environmental Impact Report, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act, for the proposed Berkeley Aquatic Park Improvement Program. (November 2012)

B) Aquatic Park Improvement Program DEIR Notice of Public Hearings  

C) Aquatic Park Historic Property Survey Report: Updating Existing Conditions (2012) 

D) Historic Property Survey Report for the I-80 Bicycle/Pedestrian Overcrossing Project (1999) 

E) Aquatic Park Improvement Program (APIP) (March 2008): Building on the Natural Resource Management Study, the following reports have been prepared by Laura; Marcus & Associates, and Hydrologic Systems, Inc, and are available for downloadExecutive Summary ,  Summary Report,   Technical Report , and   Appendices. 

F) Aquatic Park Natural Resource Management Study (December 2003):  The Aquatic Park Natural Resources Management Study has been prepared by Laurel Marcus & Associates and describes a series of alternative water circulation and lagoon habitat improvements.   

G) Aquatic Park Waterbird Disturbance Study 


Features at Aquatic Park


For reservations and further information, please call the City Recreation Office at 510-981-5150, or click here.  

Click the thumbnail photo to see the full size pictureAquatic Park - Dream Land for Kids  


Aquatic Park was constructed between 1935 and 1937 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). It was built as part of the Berkeley Waterfront Project along with the construction of the Bayshore Highway and Yacht Harbor. Tide gates were constructed to help keep the water level constant in Aquatic Park Lake. A citywide celebration entitled “Pageant of the Land and Sea” was held on May 7, 1937, to formally dedicate the park for public use. 

Aquatic Park Lake was designed to conform to international standards for Model Yacht Racing, and in 1938 both the National and Pacific Coast Regatta for M-class Boats were held at the park. 

Through the years, community participation has played a key role in the development of various features at Aquatic Park. Most recently, over 2,000 volunteers, organized through Friends of Aquatic Park and Berkeley Partners for Parks, participated in creating "Dream Land for Kids," a fantasy playground designed by Berkeley school children under the guidance of architect Robert Leathers and Associates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Restroom Available Limited Parking Available on the East Side of Park 


32.76 land acres          1,427,000 sq. ft. 

67.7 water acres (Aquatic Park Lake) 


handicapHandicapped/ Wheelchair  accessible


Park Hours

6 a.m. to 10 p.m. unless otherwise posted.

 For questions on park maintenance, contact:  

Mobile Unit 3: Landscape Gardener Supervisor, Melissa Marizette, (South Berkeley Telephone: 510-981-6639)

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