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Land Use

Report of the Planning Commission Task Force on a Downtown Hotel Conference Center/Museums Complex and Public Open Space (2004) (pdf)

Strawberry Creek Downtown: Study to Daylight Strawberry Creek (1999)
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Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza & Transit Area Urban Design Plan

Staff Report on Shattuck Square "Town Square" Proposal 

Existing Transportation Conditions Report -- Draft

Wilbur Smith Associates, "Parking Profile and Policy Recommendations -- Berkeley," April 2007

Bicycle Plan and update (2000, 2005)

Designing with Transit

Deakin, et al., "Parking Management and Downtown Land Development: The Case of Downtown Berkeley, CA" (Transportation Research Board, 2004)

Downtown Berkeley Parking and Transportation Demand Management Report: Final Draft (2011)
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University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Perspectives

University of California-City of Berkeley Settlement Agreement (2005) (pdf) 

UC Berkeley regarding New Public Realm, Building Height and Parking

UC Berkeley Planning Director regarding the status of UC- and state-owned parcels within downtown Berkeley

UC Goals for Downtown Berkeley

2020 Long Range Development Plan

New Century Plan
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Related Reports

Downtown Berkeley Development Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Presentation 

AECOM Memorandum: Downtown Berkeley Development Feasibility Study (2011)

Staff Report on Base Project Heights Associated with Ultimate Maximums 

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