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The Vector Control Program exists to respond to vector control request for service within City limits. Program staff works with city agencies, task forces, working groups, neighborhoods and individuals in Berkeley to ensure compliance with laws and regulations that protect public health and prevent vector-borne disease. The delivery of service begins with a request for service, complaint or office initiated action. A site visit is conducted to assess the offending condition, establish a reasonable timetable for correction, and obtain voluntary compliance when possible; if voluntary compliance cannot be achieved, legal action up to abating the violation and placing a lien on the property for abatement expenses. The program success relies heavily on educating the community on steps they can take to prevent rodent and other vector nuisances.


The Vector Control Program provides services  including:

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In 1984, Alameda County voters established County Services Area VC-1984-1 to provide vector control services within Alameda County. A benefit assessment on each parcel of land funds these services. At the time the district was formed, the City was given the option of joining or not joining the new Alameda County Vector Control Service District (District). The City opted to join the district and use the new benefit assessment funds to continue and expand vector control services offered by Berkeley Division of Environmental Health. City Resolution No. 52,040-N.S. consents to the inclusion of the City in the formation of the county service area to be established for the provision of a vector control program. City Resolution No. 52,538-N.S. authorizes the City Manager to execute an agreement with Alameda County for the provision of vector control services. Every year since 1984, Alameda County and the City sign a contract that allows benefit assessment funds to flow from the County back to the City for vector control services.

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What is a Vector?

A vector is a carrier of an infectious agent that is capable of transmitting infection from one host to another. Vectors include arthropods, such as mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, as well as vertebrates like rats, skunks, and raccoons.

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Vector Control Program Services

Abandoned, Dismantled, or Inoperative Vehicles 

Arthropod Control and Identification

Fish Advisory Information

Health & Safety Hazards

Mosquito Control & Abatement

Pest Management Policy

Rodent Inspection & Control

Sewage Discharge

Waste Management

West Nile Virus

Wildlife Management

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Vector Education

Control & Prevention of Rodents

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Do you need assistance or wish  to report a complaint?

If you need assistance or to report a complaint, please call us at (510) 981-5310 or TDD (510) 981-6903, or send an email to and provide us with the following information:

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