We are happy you have chosen to plan a special event within the City of Berkeley. From community based festival to parades and street fairs, the City of Berkeley is proud to approve permits for a number of exciting special events each year.

The Berkeley Municipal Code provides the framework and guidance for the issuance of special event permits within the City of Berkeley. In general, any organized activity impacting the city services or involving the use of, or having an impact on, public property, public facilities, sidewalks, medians, or street requires a permit.

The following pages include the City of Berkeley's application forms and accompanying instructions developed to guide you through the process.

The event guide is designed to help event organizers ensure that their special events run smoothly, and to pervent planning problems before they happen.

On behalf of the City of Berkeley, we thank you for contributing to the spirit and vitality of our City through the staging of your special event.


Eric Brenman

Special Event Coordinator

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