Vision Statement

A city with a vision will remain constantly alive and responsive to the welfare of its people.  We, the Department of Health Services, will continue to be an essential resource, working in partnership with the community to enrich its future.  We envision a city:

Core Values

The core values of the Department of Health Services guide the effective delivery of services in the workplace and the community. The core values of our department are:

Human Rights

We believe that health is a human right, not a privilege.


We are committed to advocating for optimal individual, family, and community health.

Quality of Service

We are committed to excellence and accountability in our service to individuals, families, and the community.


We respect the unique qualities of each individual and family, and believe that human diversity is our most valuable community asset.

Human Development

We believe that all community members should have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.


We value partnerships with policy makers, service providers, residents, and the faculty and students of University of California, Berkeley to develop programs and provide services that improve the quality of life in our community.

Organizational Culture

We value a work environment that nurtures professional growth, teamwork, risk-taking, creative dissent, and trust among staff.


We are committed to the creative development and use of human and fiscal resources.