Regular Meeting

Thursday, January 18, 2007
7 p.m.
2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
City Council Chambers
Berkeley, CA
Broadcast Live - KPFB - 89.3 (N. Berkeley) 
BTV Cable Channel 33

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1. Roll Call - 7:00 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Public Forum

4. Approval of the December 18, 2006 regular meeting minutes .

5. Appeal Time Certain - 7:15 p.m.

a. Appeal T-4733/RWN-1438 - 1929 Ashby Avenue. The tenant appeals the hearing examiner's denial of her petition seeking rent reductions for alleged habitability violations at her unit. Inasmuch as the hearing examiner's denial of the petition is consistent with the evidence in the record, legal staff recommends that the Board deny the appeal and affirm the hearing examiner's decision.

b. Appeal T-4755/C-254 - 1455 Spruce Street, #1. This is a tenant appeal of a finding that a rent reduction agreed to by the landlord after an unexpected change in the tenant's finances did not change the initial rent established by the parties at the commencement of the tenancy. The tenant was also denied a rent reduction for the loss of use of a yard on an adjoining property. These findings comply with the law and Board regulations and, therefore, should be affirmed.

6. Action Items

a. From Board Members, Executive Director and Committees

(1) Approval of the revised Board meeting schedule for 2007. (Executive Director)  [PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader]

(2) Discussion and possible action in selecting committees and adhoc committees for 2007. (Chair)   [PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader]

7. Information and Announcements

Please Note: The Board may move Information Items
to the Action Calendar.

a. Reports from Board Members/Staff.

(1) Press release: National Organization on Disability Announcing Top Cities in Disability Friendliness, Outreach. Berkeley and Chicago to share $35,000 accessible American Awards for 2006. (Executive Director)

(2) Email announcing the 2007 Housing California Annual Conference, Building Homes, Building Hope, on April 23-25 at the Sacramento Convention Center. (Executive Director)

b. Announcements of upcoming Committee/Board Meetings. 

(1) Budget and Personnel 

(2) Outreach 

(3) IRA/AGA 

(4) Eviction 

(5) 4x4 City Council/RSB Housing Committee 

(6) Ad Hoc Committee on Condominium Conversion Ordinance 

(7) Future Special Meetings

c. Discussion of items for possible placement on future agenda.

8. Adjournment