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Parking Topic Listing

Off Street Parking (Garages & Lots)    - The City of Berkeley owns and operates three public parking garages and two off-street parking lots. The Oxford and Telegraph Channing parking facilities are conveniently located and fully automated parking garages. (The Center Street Garage is currently closed for reconstruction. Visit the project webpage for updates.) Each garage accepts coin, currency and credit card (Visa, MasterCard) payment methods, at pay-on-foot (POF) machines within the facilities. As an alternative option, patrons may use their credit card upon garage entry at the gate arms to gain access and upon exit use the same credit card at the gate arms to exit to expedite their parking experience. [more...]

Parking Enforcement & Restrictions - Parking Restrictions within the City of Berkeley are set by both local parking ordinances and by the California Vehicle Code.  Local parking ordinances and accompanying fines are included section 14 of the Berkeley Municipal Code. Some of the most common types of violations and restricted parking rules are outlined below. [more...]

Parking Information   - The City of Berkeley provides parking for residents and visitors, as set forth by local parking ordinances.  This Parking Information page contains information regarding parking garages and lots, parking restrictions, parking permits, and parking fines.  Have a parking ticket?  Pay your ticket online or by phone.  [more...]

Parking Meters - The City of Berkeley uses parking meters as a parking management tool, primarily in commercial areas and around public spaces or facilities that are major trip generators. Meters are typically used to improve access, promote commercial activity, and discourage long-term car storage. The City may adjust a meter’s hourly rate and/or limit the amount of time one may park in a metered parking space to encourage turnover and increase parking availability for short-term visitors and customers. Parking customers interested in long-term parking (over 2 hour, all day, or commuter parking) may park in the City’s off-street parking garages and lots or goBerkeley Value pricing areas around downtown Berkeley and the Southside/Telegraph areas. [more...]

Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) Permits - The City of Berkeley prioritizes parking for residents in many of the city’s neighborhoods. The Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) Program began in 1980 to:

Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) Permit Zone Map - Graphic information regarding parking permits, location and restrictions. Maps may contain inaccuracies. Not all streets in the area specific maps have opted into the program. [more...]

Block Party Activity - Information pertaining to block party permits and necessary requirements. [more...]

Parking Studies - Downtown Berkeley Parking Management Study [more...]

Residential On-Street Blue Zones  - Upon completion of an application, the City of Berkeley may provide blue zone parking in residential areas for residents possessing a valid disabled parking placard or plate.  The resident must own or have control of a vehicle, and the vehicle must be located at the resident's home full time.  In addition, the applicant must state why they are unable to use their own driveway or other available parking in the neighborhood. [more...]

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