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TENANT'S RIGHTS - Tenants in the State of California and especially tenants living in Berkeley can minimally expect the following rights to apply at all times during their tenancy: [more...]

Habitability, Repairs, Inspections & Tenant Relocation useful links  -

  • How to get a housing code inspection

  • Rental Housing Safety Program 

  • The Repair & Deduct Method (CA Civil Code § 1942)

  • The Repair & Deduct Self-Help Project 

  • CA Dept of Consumer Affairs Publications

  • CA Dept of Health Services, Indoor Air Quality Program Website 

  • US Environmental Protection Agency, Indoor Air Quality Program Website

  • Tenant IRA Petition

  • Codes & Habitability Frequently Asked Questions (Rent Board "Mailbag")
  • [more...]

    Security Deposit Information - Civil Code section 1950.5 regulates residential security deposits (Search California Civil Code for 1950.5).  A landlord is authorized to deduct from a tenant's security deposit only the amount that is reasonably necessary to (1) cover rent defaults, (2) repair damages a tenant or a tenant's guest caused other than normal wear and tear, (3) do necessary cleaning (for tenancies beginning after January 1, 2003, defined as the amount of cleaning needed to return the unit to the same level of cleanliness as at the beginning of the tenancy), and (4) if allowed by the lease, cover the cost of restoring or replacing personal property (including keys) or furniture, excluding ordinary wear and tear. [more...]

    Residential Rental Unit Inspections - Tenants who are having difficulty getting their landlords to make necessary repairs to rental units can request a housing inspection at the City of Berkeley Housing Department, located in the Civic Center Building, 2180 Milvia Street, 2nd floor.    [more...]

    Landlord/Tenant Local Resources - Additional Links:  [more...]

    TENANT 101: A GUIDE TO MOVING IN, MOVING OUT AND STAYING IN BERKELEY - Moving can be a stressful process, and it helps to know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Here's a brief guide to moving in, moving out and staying put in Berkeley. [more...]

    Tenant "Reference Kit" - [more...]

    Suggestions for Recovering Your Security Deposit - The following is meant as a guide for tenants who are in the process of moving out of their apartments and seeking to recover their security deposits. While all situations are different and require analysis specifically tailored to address them, this guide will provide a foundation for dealing with move-out and deposit recovery issues. The model letters can be used as templates for tenants to fill in their specific information or as a framework around which tenants can structure an individually tailored letter. [more...]

    INFORMATIONAL VIDEOS FOR LANDLORDS AND TENANTS - The Berkeley Rent Stabilization Program has produced an informational video series titled, “What You Need To Know – A Short Series for Landlords and Tenants” that consists of the following three segments: [more...]

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