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Office of Energy & Sustainable Development (OESD)
Office of Energy & Sustainable Development (OESD)

Waste Topic Listing

Welcome to the City's Zero Waste Programs & Services - Berkeley has a longstanding commitment to reducing and ultimately eliminating/diverting the waste that goes to landfills, and established one of the first municipal recycling programs in the nation. [more...]

Waste Reduction - Berkeley’s goal is to achieve Zero Waste by 2020. Zero waste means that all discarded material is recycled, composted, or reused. Nothing is sent to the landfill. In order to achieve zero waste, the City of Berkeley, in partnership with the Ecology Center, provides curbside recycling services for bottles, cans, plastics, newspaper, mixed paper, and cardboard. The City also provides curbside composting of plant debris and food waste. For more information, see   [more...]

Recycling Services - Split Cart Full and Tall [more...]

Toxics Management Division - The Toxics Management Division (TMD) is the Certified Unified Program Agency and implements Chapter 6.11 of Div. 20 of Cal Health & State code and Title 15 of the Berkeley Municipal Code. Business owners should report to TMD if they generate any hazardous waste or store more than 55 gallons. 500 lbs or 200 CuFt of all chemicals. Report all chemical spills to TMD, City of Berkeley 911, and CAL OES 1-800-852-7550. [more...]

Construction & Demolition Debris Diversion Requirements (BMC 19.24) - Effective March 01, 2011, Building Permit applicants are required to divert Construction and Demolition waste and debris from landfill disposal. [more...]

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