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Parks Recreation & Waterfront Department
Parks Recreation & Waterfront Department

Marina Topic Listing

Berkeley Waterfront - The Berkeley Marina is an urban retreat, boasting over 100 acres of park space, 7 miles of trails, picnic areas, a 17-acre off-leash dog area, bird-watching, educational programming at the Shorebird Park Nature Center, the nationally celebrated Adventure Playground, unparalleled panoramic views, and amenities for boaters and non-boaters alike. [more...]

Marina Facility Map - Berkeley Marina facility map and information. [more...]

Adventure Playground -   [more...]

          Shorebird Park/Strawbale Nature Center information     - Strawbale Visitor and Nature Center                         To get back into the Marina Experience web pages click here

Open to the public -Tuesday -Saturday  9-5
9-1:00 Tues- Fri -Classroom programs may keep us in the other building so if you call first, we can be sure to help you.

The City of Berkeley’s Shorebird Park Nature Center is the first municipal strawbale building in the United States. It has a solar hot water radiant system to provide heating year-round in the cool marina climate, and a solar photovoltaic electrical system to power the aquariums, computers, lighting and other equipment.   Our  Straw Bale building  is  the Nature/Visitors Center and Office. Here you'll find  a 50 gallon salt tank, a 30 gallon fresh water tank and displays on Marine mammals and birds.The building itself is a display on green building.  The Visitors' Center provides information to visitors concerning all areas of recreation and marine conservation and education.  We do group tours which include watching a video on the process of building this building.
Our  phone number is 510- 981-6720,and  the  fax is 510 981-6725
Schools and/ or teachers who would like more information should contact the center's program coordinator Anthony DeCicco.  This is also the office for the Adventure Playground, and we do the Shoreline cleanups year round. We  need volunteers for our Bay Interpretive training program to help with our education programs during the school year. [more...]

Shoreline Clean Up Program -

    SATURDAY APRIL 21, 2018 9am-11:30am
     strawberry cove cleanup 
    Join the Shorebird Park Nature Center on Saturday April 21st for our Annual Earth Day Shoreline Cleanup! 

    This will be a fun and educational opportunity to help protect our shoreline habitat here at the Berkeley Waterfront. 

    This event will feature a service learning presentation/ safety talk on the impact of trash and plastics on our oceans and waterways, and how we can help. Bring your own buckets and gloves, or borrow ours.

    Meet at the Nature Center at 9:00am to sign waivers and for the orientation. Directions.

    To RSVP please email Groups, families, and individuals welcome.

    Third Saturday Shoreline Cleanups 
  • Individuals, families and groups are welcome to join us on the third Saturday of each month for small clean ups that meet here at the Shorebird Park Nature Center. 

    These events feature a service learning presentation/ safety talk on the impact of trash and plastics on our oceans and waterways, and how we can help. Bring your own buckets and gloves, or borrow ours.
    Meet at the Nature Center at 9:00am to sign waivers and for the orientation.  Directions.

    If you are bringing children or youth under age 18

    Children must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian. Parents can sign at the event or send a signed waiver with the adult bringing their child. Youth cannot stay without an adult unless they are 15 years or older. 
    If you are leading a group of youth, please email the Nature Center to get the necessary waivers.

    To RSVP please email Groups, families, and individuals welcome.        


  • Adopt A Beach  
    If you are a group leader or a teacher, your group/class can participate in the Adopt-A-Shoreline Program. This is a worthwhile community service project to learn first hand about the impacts of trash and plastics on the environment. Schools can adopt a shoreline around the Berkeley Marina in one visit. Public transportation: the  AC Transit 81 bus comes here. Check their schedule.   

    For groups of 35 or more:  
    • On the day of your cleanup, when the group arrives, we will start with a presentation on how important the clean-up is.
    • The group will view a short video about the global impact plastic is having on our oceans and waterways. This changes the experience from "Why do I have to pick up other peoples' trash?" to "Wow, I had no  idea! What can I do to help?"
    • We will show them the area they will clean and how to do it efficiently and safely.
    • We provide a map of the location, data cards, bags, gloves, and sharps containers. If your group can provide your own gloves and a reusable bucket it helps even more.

     For groups of 35 or less: naturalist staff will work with your group by providing appropriate waivers as well as data cards, bags, gloves, and sharps containers. If your group can provide your own gloves and a reusable bucket it helps even more. We will also provide a map of the marina and direct your group to a cleanup location.  

    Depending on the size of your group and your needs, we can meet with group leaders prior to the date of the cleanup to walk the site and go over logistics and safety considerations

    We will discuss which trash is recyclable, where to put the filled trash buckets/bags, and how to fill out the data cards. Data cards are what helps us change laws about Marine dumping. Teachers can tie in Math and graphing skills as well as sorting and writing. 

    Email or give us a call to schedule a cleanup:  or 510-981-6720

    The International Shoreline Cleanup  

    The annual International Shoreline Cleanup takes place once a year, all over the world. The clean-up is sponsored by organizations and government agencies such as the  California Coastal Commission. You can also visit the Commission at    

    Date: September 15, 2018 
    • Time: Cleanup 9:00 am -12:00 noon and stay for the raffle 12:00pm -1:00 pm

    Where to meet

    Meet at the Shorebird Park Nature Center, 160 University Ave. Berkeley Marina. Please carpool if you can or take the A.C. transit 81 bus. Parking is limited. Bike parking available. 

    Who should come? 

    All ages are encouraged to come. This is a great family event! 

    If you are bringing children/youth under age 18

    • Children must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian. Parents can sign at the event or send a signed waiver with the adult bringing their child. Waiver Here! 
    • Youth cannot stay without an adult unless they are 15 years or older.

    What to expect when you arrive

    • Enjoy some morning snacks and coffee donated by Whole Foods Market.
    • Sign a waiver.
      • Each adult will sign a waiver for themselves.
      • Parents/guardians will sign for children/youth under age 18 or turn in a pre-signed child's waiver available for download here.
    • Safety talks, each lasting about ten minutes, begin at 9:00 and continue until 10:30.
    • After the talk, you will go with a site leader to one of the 7 clean-up locations. Most are within walking distance of the main staging area.
    • After the clean-up ends at 12:00 noon, please return to the Nature Center where we will collect your data cards and give you a raffle ticket for some wonderful prizes donated by local businesses.
      How to prepare 
    • Wear sturdy shoes and dress in layers.
    • Wear a hat and sunscreen
    • We will provide data cards and pencils, and we encourage you to bring your own bucket and gloves. If you do not have them we will provide them for you.
    • Remember to bring signed waivers for children/youth under age 18.
      Where will we clean?  

      The cleanup takes place at the mouth of three creeks, along our east shoreline, and around the Berkeley Marina. Some of the shoreline areas we are cleaning are part of the Eastshore State Park, which extends along the shoreline between Emeryville and Richmond. The clean-up provides a wonderful, empowering reason to connect the cities, to make a difference and to explore the unique shoreline areas.

    We will be picking up trash that comes down our creeks, into the Bay, and then into the Ocean. The clean-up locations are chosen based on where the tides and currents deposit the trash onto the shoreline. These areas of the Bay are like a big dirty bathtub ring. Typically, 80% of the litter we pick up comes from inland, not the ocean. 

    Thank-you so very much for coming to clean, it really makes a difference!

    Sept 19th 2016 Results.  Along the shorelines of the cities of Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville, 1,015 volunteers picked up over 3,386 lbs of trash and 298 lbs of recyclables. Top items this year were 27,684 small plastic pieces;  9,280 bottle caps; 8,358 foam pieces; 8,152 cigarette butts; 5,826 food wrappers; 3,269 Foam Packaging items; 2,694 glass pieces; 2,156 straws and stirrers; 2,144 plastic bags; and 1,577 forks, knives and spoons.  This data volunteers collected will change laws and alert YOU the consumer that maybe we don't need to buy these items...


    CESAR CHAVEZ PARK WORK ALERT - click links below for more information [more...]

    Berkeley Marina Experience Programs -


     Berkeley Marina Directions
     Additional Map 

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    The City of Berkeley Marina Experience and Adventure Playground Programs  delight over 80,500 adults and children each year.

    Children of all ages can come to play in the Adventure Playground. Come visit the Shorebird Park Nature Center. Our Strawbale building  shows how beautiful "Green materials" can be for your home and how good they are for the environment. Inside we have a Bay Aquarium, a fresh water tank, fish, birds, and exhibits. The new Classroom area is used to teach docents, teachers, and school children about the ecology of their estuary, watershed, and the Bay.

     Volunteers are encouraged to:
     * "Adopt a beach" and join our  shoreline clean-upsthe third Sat of each month.
    *Help in the Adventure Playgroundpassing out tools and paint and making it safe. If you have a skill in wood working, enjoy making toys or just offering to assist young carpenters, please come.

    * Help us maintain our new native plant garden. We need help weeding and watering. 

    Help us teach our education programs. We provide a Volunteer Bay Interpretive Training Program  for interested adults to help provide teachers and students with high quality environmental education programs. Gain skills in teaching outdoor environmental education.   Brochure available here   

     Please go to the sub-pages of these sites below for more information. Please feel free to contact us at 981-6720 or email  


    What's New?  

     Join us for the Berkeley Bay Festival!Saturday April 14th, 11am-4pm in Shorebird Park.

    Shorebird Park Nature Center & Adventure Playground Summer Programs

    Registration for summer Marine Biology and On the Water classes begins   
    March 10th, 2018 at 9:30am. 

    For more information about Nature Center summer programs and Adventure Playground summer activities click here.

     Adventure Playground School Year Hours:

    11am-5pm Sat & Sunday only ---- Mar 11, 2018 thru June 17, 2018.

     Tools are collected one half hour before closing.
     Zip line is taken down fifteen minutes before closing.

    Weekday reservations are available during the school year for large groups (5-40) depending on weather and staff availability.

     Apply now for Jobs at Adventure Playground!  - Do you love working outdoors with kids? Like to build, paint and get really dirty? Come work at the Adventure Playground. We have opportunities for volunteers age 16 and over. Download volunteer application

    We are accepting applications for weekends during the school year and for summer postions. Adventure Playground Recreation Leader Part-time  $12.93- $27.57/hour (depending on experience).Application  andQuestionnaire   

    The Adventure Playground is a one-of-a-kind facility where staff encourage children to play and build creatively using tools and donated materials. We are looking for hard working people who enjoy helping children to use their imaginations to play and create projects using a variety of tools and techniques in a safe, resourceful and creative way. We are looking for people with sharp eyes, a willingness to take initiative, positive communication skills, and a great attitude.  

    Qualifications: Must be at least 17 years of age. Must have at least two years of progressively responsible experience in recreation, education, child development or related field. One year of college education can be substituted for one year of work experience.

    School Year Programs

     Teachers, applications for the school year 2017-2018 are available now! 

    You can download application from this site . We offer programs November-June. Join us for what has been called the "Best field trip ever!":  birds, fish, bay scientist, low tide, marine mammals, and sailing programs. Teachers rarely share information about these high quality trips so they don't have any competition! Hands on emersion. 2-5 ratio.

    Shorebird Nature Center &  Classroom

    Shorebird Nature Center 
    Open to visitors Tuesday - Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Unless we are teaching in the classroom on Wed- Friday 9-1, then we are open 1-5 p.m.
     If you would like to visit these unique buildings, you may take a self guided tour. 

    Here is an informational brochure about the Shorebird Park classroom which is a green portable. The 200 gallon tanks have Native Bay and lake fish and invertebrates. The microscope lab offers an inside look at Bay invertebrates and plankton for classes, teachers and students who participate in our programs.

    STRAW BALE BUILDING.Inside our Straw bale building, we have a small Bay aquarium, a  tropical fresh water tank, a fish and bird exhibit and exhibits about how trash is affecting the wildlife in and around the Bay and ocean.  This environmentally sensitive building is our  office and visitors center. Check this link for information and pictures. The full photo documentary and green items are available to see inside the  building, or see our new Wind turbine generator working outside.
    For a guided  tour of our straw bale building and the "green" components and to see the DVD of how it was made, Please call 510 981-6720, let us know how we can design the talk to meet your needs.$62. for an hour program and tour.


     Shoreline Cleanups

     The  International Clean-up eventwill be Sept 16th, 2017. It is the largest research project in the world. Come help us with this international event.

    Third Saturday Cleanup

    Join us the third Saturday of each month. We will provide you or your group with a viewing of our plastics education presentation and have a brief discussion about plastic impact on the environment. (This will meet your group's service learning project requirements.) We will also have you sign a waiver, give you a safety talk and lead you to the clean-up site.

    As you clean you will collect data that will help change the law about marine dumping. 80% of the debris we clean-up comes from off our streets. We need you and your groups to help pick it up. Plastic is impacting the oceans globally. Learn how you can help the marine mammals, birds and turtles who are affected by this.  For more info see the web site here! 

    We encourage you to bring your own bags and reusable buckets, but if you don't have them we can supply bags and gloves. Bring your own personal non-disposable water bottle. 

    We meet at the Nature Center 160 University Ave. Berkeley Marina. between 9 &10 a.m. All of us (animals) need your help! Email us to register at 

    BayInterpretive Training Program

       Volunteer Bay Interpretive Training Program Do you enjoy exploring with children in the out of doors? Helping them to discover and appreciate their natural environment? Come help us do that! Sign ups can happen anytime. 
    Click on this link to find answers to the most asked questions, see the program description for the 2016 -2017 trainings, and download an application. We instruct you on how to help us as we teach the classes. Your minimum commitment is 14 hrs a month- including the trainings.Call 510-981-6720 for information or to have a form and brochure mailed to you.


    Adventure Playground

     Adventure Playground - Closed when raining. 

    School year hours 
    11am-5pm Sat & Sunday ----- Aug 20-Nov 4 and Mar 11-June 17
    11am-4pm Sat & Sunday ---- Nov 5-March 10
     Tools are collected one half hour before closing
      Zip line is taken down fifteen minutes before closing
      Drop ins must be picked up one half hour before closing

    Weekday reservations are available for summer and  during the school year for large groups (5-40) depending on weather and staff availability.

    Adults have fun too! Please leave your cell phone( and work) in your pocket and come and play with your child. Your job is to encourage, be a gofer and make safety suggestions if they forget. Please help reread the safety rule on the zipline with them. Do not help them on and off, if they cannot do it themselves, they are NOT ready yet.  Ask staff to demonstrate how to ride, if they want to land with style.

    Groups Groups of 5 or more need to make reservations at least a month in advance. Weekend dates available. Come join the fun! 

    Drop-in option Want to drop your child and a friend off weekends during the school year? Children 7 yrs and older may be dropped off in the Adventure Playground for up to three hours without a parent for $10.00. Pick up is at 4:30p.m. (3:30p.m. when closing time is 4:00p.m.) To register fill out the registration form and waiver. Want friends to come? Have their parents fill out the form and sign the waiver which you need to bring when you come- No waiver, no drop-in. If you signed one in the summer, we require a new one filled for the 2017-18 school year. "Playment" cards are available in the Nature Center Tues.- Sat. for drop-offs for 5 visits each card. No expiration date. Card is needed on Sundays because the Nature Center office where you pay for the drop-ins is closed on Sundays.

    Who We Are

    The Marina Experience Programs are part of the City of Berkeley's Recreation Division of the Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department.

    *(pdf) This is a pdf format, if you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, please download from City's download site. If you are unable to access this information online, please participate by contacting us via email, telephone (510) 981-6720, or TDD (510) 981-6903.) [more...]

    Bay Interpretive Training Program- BayITVolunteer training for the Education Programs  - On this page you will find information regarding adult volunteer training for education programs that  teach students 5yrs - and up.
    Docent Training Program (Bay IT)
    The Bay Interpretive Training Docent program (Bay IT) trains volunteers to help lead educational programs for children and adults at the Berkeley Marina.Training are ongoing with a new program each month. A formal, fun, hands-on training  and teaching experience for docents  happens October through August.  We train for a program, teach that program to kids, then train for the next  program. 
    If you are interested, please fill out the application and send it in. Docents are now required to have a current T.B. test and be fingerprinted. We will pay for the fingerprinting and give you paperwork when you sign up. So don't wait! Start the process! Working with us will be really fun and educational!docent sail training
    Bay Interpretive training applications can be downloaded here: 
    Feel free to email us at

    Most asked questions:

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