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Department of Public Works
Department of Public Works

Street Repair Program

Information on the City's Street Repair Program.

smphFor Pothole Problems, please contact our Customer Service Unit at (510) 981-CITY (2489), or submit an electronic request through the Online Service Center.


Street Paving Schedule

univThe City contracts out one to two street rehabilitation projects each fiscal year, depending upon available funding. Construction occurs in the spring/summer.

Notices of impending work are distributed to affected residents and business owners approximately one month in advance.

Check the current schedule for this year or recently completed projects.

 Map of Areas Scheduled for Construction

E-mail the City concerning the Street Capital Improvement Program.

5-Year Street Plan

Berkeley maintains a rolling 5-Year Street Rehabilitation Plan for paving and reconstructing City streets. The plan is generated with the aid of a sophisticated Pavement Management System developed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The plan was most recently updated for Fiscal Years 2019 through 2023 by Resolution 68,717-N.S. adopted by Council on December 11, 2018. The Street Rehabilitation and Repair Policy created by Resolution 55,384-N.S. and updated by Resolution 64,733-N.S. to include permeable paving, contains the basic criteria for developing the plan and includes the following:

  • Street condition,
  • Type of repair required,
  • Cost effectiveness,
  • Amount and type of traffic,
  • AC Transit bus or bicycle route,
  • Coordination with other City programs, e.g., sanitary sewer or storm drain, and
  • Coordination with utility company work, e.g., PG&E, EBMUD, AT&T, Comcast.

Note: The planned year of rehabilitation for each street is subject to change due to conflicting construction work, budgetary constraints, and unforeseen circumstances. Funding for street rehabilitation comes from a variety of sources including the City's General Fund, State Gas Taxes, Alameda County Measure B & BB Transportation Sales Tax, and Federal grants.

Check the current plan for your street.

Streets on Moratorium

After a street has been rehabilitated through the City's Street Capital Improvement Program, it is protected by a five (5) year moratorium on any planned work involving pavement cuts. Check the current list of streets on moratorium.

Link to Street Lighting.

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