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Department of Public Works
Department of Public Works

Scheduled Construction Activities
Week of July 16, 2018

Detailed information pertaining to construction projects and related activities within the city.

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  1. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Projects

    1. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Virginia Street, 5th Street, 6th Street, 10th Street, Belvedere Avenue, Oxford Street, San Diego Road, Laurel Lane, Milvia Street, Walnut Street and Backline, Murray Street, 7th Street, 66th Street, Idaho Street, Harmon Street and Boise Street
      Andes Construction, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      New manhole at #15 Canyon Road. Restoration work, testing and sealing interior of manholes throughout project area.

      Please obey all “No Parking” signs posted within the construction area. Drive “SLOWLY” through the active construction site and “HEED” all temporary traffic and flagman directions.

    2. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Haste St., Telegraph Ave., Ellsworth St., Dana St., Gilman St., 2nd St., Cedarwood Ln., 4th St., 6th St., Bancroft Way, Sacramento St., Visalia Ave. and backline, Colusa Ave., and Vincente Backline.
      Cratus, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      Post-construction CCTV and punch list items throughout the project area. Rehabilitation of manholes throughout project area. Waterproof coating of interiors and remove/replace frames and covers. Testing manholes.

      All businesses within and in the surrounding area of the construction area will be “Open” on their scheduled hours. Limited parking within the construction area. Please obey all “No Parking” signs posted within the construction area. Drive “SLOWLY” through the active construction site and “HEED” all temporary traffic and flagman directions.

    3. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      2nd/Camelia, #36 Roanoke
      Mosto Construction

      No scheduled construction activity. #36 Roanoke on hold.

    4. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Hearst Ave, Short St, McGee Ave, Dwight Way, Grant St, Eighth St, Carleton St, Grayson St, Anthony St, Burnette St, Prince St, Mabel St, Haskell St, Dohr St, and Stanton St
      Mosto Construction
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      Spot repairs of sanitary sewer main at Dwight/McGee, Dwight/Roosevelt, Dwight/Grant, and Blake/McGee.

      Please obey all “No Parking” signs, construction traffic signs and flagman within the construction area.

  2. Sidewalk Projects

    1. FY 2017-18 Sidewalk Project
      Various locations
      Sposeto Engineering
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      Upcoming project.

  3. Storm Drain Projects

    1. FY 2016 Low Impact Development Project
      Shattuck Avenue north of University Avenue, Rose Street/Hopkins Street/Curtis Street intersection
      Empire Engineering & Construction, Inc.
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      No scheduled construction activity.

  4. Transportation Projects

    1. Ashby/Claremont and Ashby/Hillegass Intersection Improvements
      Ashby Avenue/Claremont Avenue intersection, Ashby Avenue/Hillegass Avenue intersection
      Ray's Electric
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      Punchlist work tentatively scheduled.

    2. Tunnel Road Access Improvements and Ashby/Telegraph Intersection Improvements
      Tunnel Road from Domingo Avenue to Oakland border, Ashby Avenue/Telegraph Avenue intersection
      Redgwick Construction
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      Columbia Electric performing various electrical work. Pole mounting tentatively scheduled, pending confirmation from PG&E. Striping layout.

    3. Safe Routes to School Project
      Shattuck Avenue between Russell Street and Ward Street
      ERA Construction
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      Upcoming project for pedestrian crossing improvements.

  5. Parks Projects

      For additional information on Parks projects, please visit the Parks Recreation & Waterfront Department.

    1. Becky Temko Tot Park
      2424 Roosevelt Avenue
      Redwood Engineering Construction
      Project Postcard Notice

      Renovation includes replacement of the play structure and additional play elements, installation of resilient surfacing, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility improvements. Park is currently closed for renovation. Anticipated re-opening in August 2018.

  6. Outside Agency Projects

    1. PG&E
      E-mail link to City contact person

      rdbarrierMabel Street between Dwight and Carleton - Install new gas main and services.

      rdbarrierWard between San Pablo and Sacramento - Gas main and services.

      rdbarrierWard between Ellsworth and Telegraph - Gas main and services. Includes trenching across Adeline.

      rdbarrierHarmon between Ellis and Tremont - Gas main and services.

      rdbarrierJuly 26, 27, 30, & 31 - Pole replacement and electrical maintenance at the following locations:

      Prospect from Dwight to Bancroft Steps
      Dwight from Prospect to Fernwald
      Canyon Road
      Panoramic Way and Orchard Ln - PANORAMIC WAY ROAD CLOSURE, 7/31, 7AM to completion, estimated 7PM.

      Restoration work at the following locations:

      7th Street between Anthony and Heinz - Restoration remains.
      Arlington between Mendocino and The Circle - Restoration remains.
      7th/Camelia - Restoration remains
      Benvenue Avenue between Parker and Dwight - Restoration.
      Roosevelt Avenue between Dwight and Allston - Striping restoration.
      Woolsey/Colby - Striping restoration remains.
      Browning Street between Channing and Dwight - Striping restoration.
      Eucalyptus Road from Hillcrest to Oakland border - Restoration.
      Center at Shattuck - Restoration pending.
      Berkeley Way between Shattuck and Oxford - Striping and AC restoration remain.

      Numerous AC restoration, concrete restoration and pole replacement in small areas throughout the City.

    2. EBMUD
      E-mail link to City contact person

      rdbarrierPage from Eastshore Highway to 2nd Street - Sanitary sewer work. ROAD CLOSED.

      rdbarrierEastshore Highway from Gilman to Virginia - Sanitary sewer work. Intermittent lane closures. Expect traffic delays.

      rdbarrierVirginia Street from MLK to Spruce - Restoration remains. Services east of Shattuck.

      Cragmont Avenue from Marin to Alta - Infrastructure renewal. Restoration in progress.

      Restoration work at numerous small areas throughout the city.

      For updated information and contacts regarding EBMUD Reservoir Replacement and Transmission Pipeline projects please follow the appropriate link below:

      Panoramic Hill Improvements
      EBMUD pipeline replacement on the Oakland side of Panoramic Hill began in July 2016. Berkeley Panoramic Hill pipeline and service replacement scheduled to begin in April 2017. Helicopter delivery of pipe scheduled for April 27, 2017, 9AM to 4PM. EBMUD April 2017 Helicopter Delivery Notice (.pdf)
      Starting May 10, 2017, road closures on Panoramic are currently anticipated during working hours through October 2017. Concrete restoration remain. Expect traffic delays/road closures.

      Summit Reservoir Replacement Project (Spruce at Grizzly Peak)
      Construction started in late 2014 and major work to complete the new tank and landscaping continued through the end of 2017 with Shasta/Woods pumping plant work to complete in mid-2018. Temporary facilities have been installed to serve water to the area during the replacement of the Summit Reservoir and will remain in place until the new pumping plant is online.

      EBMUD Summit Reservoir Notice - December 2014 (.pdf)
      Summit Reservoir Update Notice - October 2015 (.pdf)

      Wildcat Pipeline Project
      Construction of the Wildcat Pipeline in Berkeley is anticipated to begin in fall 2018 and last for about two years. Construction to install a large valve on Bancroft Way was completed in January 2018. Berkeley project work to install the 48" transmission pipe along Ellsworth Street will begin in fall 2018.

    3. AT&T Telephone
      E-mail link to City contact person

      Crews removing old poles throughout Berkeley.
      Investigative and cable pulling work within existing manholes and vaults throughout the city.

    4. Comcast
      E-mail link to City contact person

      2900 block of College Avenue - Contractor Solcom installing telecommunications facilities.
      9th/Carleton - Contractor Baille installing telecommunications facilities via boring and aerial overlash.

    5. Paxio
      E-mail link to City contact person

      6th Street/University Avenue - Restoration.

    6. Sonic
      E-mail link to City contact person

      Install fiber telecommunications at various locations throughout North Berkeley.

    7. University of California at Berkeley
      Information provided by UC:
      UC Berkeley Capital Strategies

      Bancroft Residence Hall Project (Blackwell Hall)
      The Bancroft Residence Hall project will bring new student housing to Bancroft Way along with retail and new space for Stiles Hall. The project, bounded by Bancroft Way, Dana St, and Durant St. includes beds for 775 students along with study and activity space. More about the Bancroft Residence Hall project, including a link to a webcam, is online at The new housing is scheduled to open in August 2018.

      Information about campus construction is available on the web at Questions or concerns can be addressed to UC Berkeley Capital Strategies, Other campus resources include the UC Office of Environment, Health and Safety at (510) 642-3073.

In all construction areas:

  • Please observe all "NO PARKING" signs
  • Tie or keep pets away to assure both pet and worker safety
  • Keep children out of work area
  • Dust and noise will be prevalent, please take proper precautions

If you did not find the project you were looking for, it may have moved to the Recently Completed Projects page.

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