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Department of Planning & Development
Department of Planning & Development

New Fees Effective August 2, 2010

The City Council adopted Resolution No. 64,918-N.S. increasing development-related fees for the Planning and Development Department, effective August 2, 2010. 

Building and Safety:  5% across-the-board increase.  In addition:

  • Increase hourly rate from $152 to $170 to reflect actual costs 
  • Increase or add the following fees to reflect staff processing time for processing:
    • Increase or add hourly fees for requests for Building Permit application extensions and Permit extensions.
    • Add hourly fees for address assignments and house move permits at $170 per hour. 
  • Add a “Community Planning Fee” to allow a 5% assessment on building permits for General Plan and Zoning Ordinance maintenance.

Land Use Planning:  20% across the board increase.  In addition:

  • Increase hourly rate from $152 to $180 to reflect actual costs 
  • Administrative Use Permits:  Establish four tiers for AUPs so that the fees reflect the amount of staff time needed.  Change from the current range of $961 - $1,448 to $720 - $2,520.  Also, increase the Teaching-Related Home Occupation (Moderate Impact) AUP from $125 to $180.
  • Use Permits (with public hearings):  Increase the application fee for the less complex projects from $2,577 to $3,092. For complex projects, lower the base fee from $4,827 to $4,320, but allow additional hourly charges for staff time in excess of that covered by the base fee   
  • Design Review of Landmarked Buildings - Replace the fixed fee of $890 with fees based on project valuation.

Engineering:  5% across the board increase.  In addition:

  • Add the following new fees:
    • Storm-water best management practices - Construction-related and post-construction engineering work and inspection - $153/hour
    • Filing fee for amendments to approved tentative maps
      • Minor amendments - $353
      • Major amendment - $1,003
    • Records Management fee - $50

Traffic Engineering

  • Increase the hourly fee from $120 - $140 to $160 
  • Increase the flat plan check fee by 20%, for valuations up to $200,000 from $75 to $90.
  • Increase the graduated fee based for larger projects from 16% to 44%, with the more complex projects that require more staff time and analysis costing more.
  • Add hourly charges for Administrative Use Permits and Use Permits when Traffic Engineering review is required.

Copies of the report and detailed fee schedule are available at the
Permit Service Center Welcome Station
 2120 Milvia St., Berkeley, CA 94704

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