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Office of Energy & Sustainable Development (OESD)
Office of Energy & Sustainable Development (OESD)

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The City of Berkeley aims to remove barriers to green construction, and to promote policies and practices that encourage building green. Berkeley is committed to help green building become business as usual. 

Green Building Requirements
This webpage lists green building requirements that help make each project as healthy and energy-and resource-efficient as possible. Also see California State Green Building Code (CAL Green) for mandatory requirements for new residential and nonresidential buildings throughout California.

Electric Vehicles 
Driving an electric car in the Bay Area reduces about 70% of the greenhouse gases produced by a conventional car. Find out what permits are needed to get a Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) charging system at your home. For resources for businesses and multi-family property owners interested in EV charging see Non-Residential EV Charging Stations.

Green Roofs
Create a living roof. This webpage provides a basic understanding of green roofs, their benefits and components as well as information on permitting requirements.

Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters
Heat pump water heaters are high-efficiency electric heaters that have lower greenhouse gas emissions than gas alternatives and can be paired with clean, renewable energy such as rooftop solar.

Home Graywater Collection Systems
Recycle your water and use it in your garden. This webpage defines graywater, its benefits and how it can be used.  

Learn how to insulate your home for energy efficiency and comfort while saving money on heating and cooling bills.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Your Home
Save your rainwater and use it in your garden. This webpage provides information about residential rainwater harvesting systems.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems 
Install solar and harness the sun's energy. See Solar Permitting and Submittal Requirements to find out what you need to get a permit for solar PV installation.

Solar Thermal Systems 
Learn how solar thermal can supply your hot water needs. 

Related Topics:  

Energy Efficiency
Reduce your energy needs. Energy efficient buildings feel more comfortable and save you money on your energy bills.

Climate Action Plan
Be part of the solution, take action on climate change. The Berkeley Climate Action Plan is rooted in the vision for a sustainable Berkeley that not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also creates a local vibrant, healthy community. 

The sun produces an abundance of free, clean, renewable energy. Increasing the amount of clean renewable energy is a critical component of Berkeley community efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and grow the green economy.

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