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Office of Vital Statistics
Office of Vital Statistics

Out-of-hospital Birth Registration Appointment

Home/Out-of-hospital births may only be registered in our office BY APPOINTMENT.  The process is simple, but you will need to gather all the necessary documentation prior to scheduling an appointment with us.  

Please read the materials carefully and collect all the documents necessary for the registration. The process has the following steps:

    1. Collect ALL documents listed on the check list: "What should I bring?"

    2. Fill out the information in all worksheets included in the "Home birth full package

    3. Send back to us all documents listed on 1 (you can mail, scan, fax to 510-981-5395 or email them to us).  

    4. We will review this information, prepare the official document in the registration system and call you to come to our office in downtown Berkeley to review and sign the original birth certificate in the presence of a witness to the birth (can be the father) and your baby.

    5. Once you approve the information in the original certificate by signing, the registration is done!

    6. A certified copy of the birth certificate may be purchased in the day you come to sign the certificate.  However, the document will be mailed to you in few days after the registration is completed.




To keep in mind:

The witness can be anyone who was present at the birth, such as the father, Midwife, friend, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc.   

The birth MUST have occurred within the last 12months within the City of Berkeley Geographical Limits.   For births which occurred outside the City of Berkeley geographical limits, please contact that city or county of occurrence directly.

If the birth occurred more than 12 months ago, a Delayed Registration of Birth is required and may only be processed at state level (see pamphlet below). 



 The law requires you to bring evidences proving five facts, as follow:

  1. Identity of the parent(s):
    • California State ID or
    • Driver's License of parents or
    • Passport(s)
    • Temporary/permanent resident identification card (Green Card) or
    • Any other valid picture identification issued by a foreign government are also accepted
  2. Pregnancy of the mother:
    • Pregnancy test verification form or
    • Letter that meets all the following conditions:
      • From a doctor, midwife or clinic;
      • Written on the an official Letterhead;
      • Signed (not stamped) by the doctor, midwife or clinic representative or nurse;
      • Contains the current issued professional license number of the person who signed the letter.
      • Mother's full name;
      • Date the mother was first seen by doctor or midwife (date may be after the child's birth date);
      • The results of the mother's prenatal or postpartum exams or pregnancy tests;
      • The date of the mother's last menstrual period;
      • The date the baby was born or expected to be born (due date).
  3. Baby was born alive:
    • Bring baby to the appointment;
    • The appointment WILL NOT be conducted if the baby is not present.
  4. Birth occurred in California in the county of registration:
    • We need information showing that the mother was in California on the date that the birth occurred, which may include ANY of the following items:  
      • Baby born at the mother's residence: Bring an utility bill that covers the time frame when the birth occurred containing the address of the residence where the birth occurred listing also the name of the mother or father (if he is listed on the certificate)
      • An affidavit from someone who was with the mother at the time of the baby's birth.   It must contain the address of the person with the mother and the location of the birth.
      • A current receipt or other similar document that shows the mother's name and address.
      • A statement from a state of local government agency that requires proof of residency in California that the mother was receiving services on the date of the baby's birth (e.g.WIC or Medi-Cal)
  5. Identity of the Witness:
    • Any person who witness the birth occurring.  (e.g. Spouse or other family member, friend, paramedic or fire department staff, etc)
      • If fire department of paramedics were present during the birth, just bring a copy of the official report stating the treatment or service provided.
      • If they arrived after the birth occurred, bring a copy of the 911 call or an official report of the contents of the 911 call, along with a copy of the paramedic's report.
    • The valid ID's for the witness is the same as listed on item 1 above.


    Home/Out-of-hospital Birth Registration



* Forms available for download

** These Forms will be mailed to you upon your request for an appointment or you can wait to complete them at the date of your appointment.





For your complete Home or Out-of-Hospital Registration Package - Click here

Are you a Physician or Midwife and wish to ask some questions? Click here

Wish to make an appointment? Click here  or call (510) 981-5320



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