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City Clerk
City Clerk

The City of Berkeley Conflict of Interest Code

Adopted by the Berkeley City Council - Resolution No. 70,074-N.S.

Effective: October 26, 2021

Conflict Code Table of Contents | Frequently Asked Questions | Form 700s Online

The California Political Reform Act, (Gov. Code Sections 81000-91014)  requires many local public officials and employees to file public, personal financial disclosure reports known as Statements of Economic Interests - Form 700.

Under the Act, cities are required to adopt and implement a separate Conflict of Interest Code.  Designated Employees, Commissioners, and Elected Officials must file Statements of Economic Interests.  The designated filers and the types of economic interests they must disclose are listed in the City of Berkeley's Conflict of Interest Code.

The City Clerk, as Filing Officer, administers the Conflict of Interest Code at the local level and notifies each designated employee and commissioner of his or her filing obligation.  Officials designated in the Conflict of Interest Code are required to file an Assuming Office Statement when they assume a designated position, an Annual Statement each year and a Leaving Office Statement within thirty days of resignation or termination.  Additionally, candidates for elected positions are required to file a Candidate statement.  Each type of statement has a specified "reporting period."  Filers must sign the Form 700 under penalty of perjury.  Once filed, the form is a public document and must be made available to the public upon request.

The Mayor and City Council are elected officers identified in Government Code Section 87200 and file statements of economic interests with the City Clerk's office. Copies of the statements of economic interests filed by these elected officers may be obtained by visiting the offices of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) or the City Clerk. The physical address of the FPPC is 428 J Street, Suite 620, Sacramento, California 95814. The physical address of the City Clerk's office is 2180 Milvia Street, Berkeley, California 94704. The statements of economic interests for some state and local government agency elected officers may be available in electronic format on the FPPC's website at

Pursuant to the Open Government Ordinance adopted by the City Council on March 8, 2011, the Form 700 filings for filers covered under Govt. Code Section 87200 (Mayor & Council, City Manager, City Attorney, Finance Director, Planning Commissioners and ZAB Members) are available online.  Follow the link at the top of the page to view the forms.

 Conflict of Interest Resources:
Statement of Economic Interests - Form 700 
Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
California Attorney General's Pamphlet on Conflict of Interest Law (PDF, 696 KB)

 Form 801 - Gift to Agency Reports

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