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City Clerk
City Clerk

Welcome to the City Clerk Department


Payment Policy

The City Clerk Department accepts cash, checks/money orders, debit and credit card payments.  The City Clerk Department may not be able to give change for bills of $20 or greater.   Please note that the City Clerk Department accepts EXACT CHANGE ONLY after 4:30 p.m. 

 Council and Commission Support


City Clerk staff prepares the Council agendas and ePackets for the City Council and Redevelopment Agency, and provides for captioning and videostreaming of meetings.

The City Clerk administers the commission appointment process.  City Clerk staff maintain information regarding the commission rules and regulations, and agendas and minutes of commission meetings.

Legislative History

The City Clerk attends meetings of the City Council and Redevelopment Agency, and maintains the legislative history of the City, including the Charter and the Municipal Code


Public Information and Records

The Department provides a wide array of general information and services to the public including:
   1) administration of the Domestic Partnership Registry;
   2) codification of the Municipal Code; and
   3) a Guide for the Public on How to Access Information and Records.
Citizens are welcome to come to the City Clerk Department to research and review legislative, candidate and ballot measure information, campaign and conflict of interest filings and other public information.

City Clerk staff maintains a wide array of information on the City’s website.  We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions.  Please feel free to contact us via

Citywide Records Management

The City Clerk is the Records Manager for the City and is responsible for maintaining the City’s Records Retention Schedule and providing departments with guidance on policies and best practices of records management.

The City Clerk manages and operates an off-site records center where inactive records under the control of each department are stored.

Over the next five years, City Clerk staff will be implementing a Citywide integrated records and electronic document management and imaging system.  This system will allow for greater public access to City documents over the web.

Campaign and Conflict Laws

The City Clerk is the local Filing Officer for the State of California.  All local campaign committees are required to file campaign statements with the City Clerk.  All designated employees, elected officials and appointed commissioners are required to file conflict of interest statements with the City Clerk.  The City Clerk maintains regulations and forms under the State’s Political Reform Act and Berkeley’s Election Reform Act.


The City Clerk administers the City’s elections including:
   1) the nomination process for candidates;
   2) processing of initiative petitions and council-sponsored ballot measures;
   3) early voting; and 4) conducting special and runoff elections.

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