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Berkeley, California (Wednesday, July 19, 2017) - A soft, warm and doughy goofball of a dog came to Berkeley's animal shelter as Putt Putt, but "putty" is more like it.

Putt Putt melts right into your lap at the first sign you're game for petting. He adores affection and will good-naturedly nudge your hand with his head if you quit before he's had his fill. And if you still aren't sure whether he's enjoying himself, let his precious pig-like snorgles of delight convince you.  Putt Putt

Though Putt Putt arrived at Berkeley's shelter with a serious case of mange, the City's vet team's healing regimen has him looking and feeling like a brand new pup. Each day, a little more fur sprouts up, bringing his fuzzy handsomeness clearly into focus. Meanwhile, he's showing off his studious side at Saturday training classes - so attentive to his handler (ok, maybe it's the hot dogs) and already quite mannerly on leash. Care to meet this sweet, silly teddy bear of a dog?

We're highlighting Putt Putt as an example of the types of dogs and cats we shelter at Berkeley Animal Care Services, the only shelter in Berkeley that opens its doors to any dog in the city needing a new home. We provide comprehensive veterinary care, socialization and training to ensure that our dogs, cats and other animals are ready for their new homes. Our hundreds of volunteers make sure they are well loved during the preparation process.

Oh, and one more note: feel free to make your own guesses about Ricky's ancestry, but there's a good reason the folks at the shelter decided to stop bothering with breed designations. In short, they're rarely accurate, and don't actually predict a dog's behavior! Putt Putt B

A recent DNA testing study at Berkeley Animal Care Services confirmed that even experienced animal care professionals can only guess a dog's breed about 30% of the time. On top of that, even an accurate breed identification doesn't tell you much about a dog's personality. So the shelter staff decided to forego the guesswork and use observations of actual behavior to come up with a unique "breed" description for each dog.  

After all, what really makes a dog a great fit in a new home isn't its lineage, but its behavior. Some people want a dog to take to the park, or to jog with on the beach; to keep their other animals company, or to relax with on the couch after a long day. The folks at Berkeley Animal Care Services are confident that if people base their decision on a dog's observed personality, rather than making assumptions based on physical appearance, it will lead to happier and longer-lasting adoptions.

Even if Putt Putt isn't the pet for you, there are many others waiting for homes and one may be just right.  Located at 1 Bolivar Drive, BACS is open 7 days a week offering adoptions every day.


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