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Berkeley, California (Tuesday, March 14, 2017) - Come to Berkeley's animal care shelter and meet Titus, a bubbly, friendly and smart dog. You may end up taking him home.

People think Titus is a puppy because Since Titus is on the petite side, some think he's a puppy. But, actually, he's fully grown at 40 pounds. About 1 ½ years old, Titus has been labeled by some of our devoted volunteers as a "World Class Wiggler". He has lots of bubbly, friendly energy and loves to shower people with kisses and adorable wiggles.

Berkeley Animal Care Services provides daily exercise, enrichment and training classes as well as top-notch medical care to ensure that our dogs are well-cared for and ready for adoption. Most of it is done by members of our community, hundreds of volunteers who regularly offer their time and service. In the process, we socialize the animals that may need just a little extra love and attention to make them suitable for a home.

We're highlighting Titus as one of the
2017-03-14 titusmany animals we nurture at Berkeley Animal Care Services, the only shelter in Berkeley that opens its doors to any dog in the city needing a new home. So even if Titus isn't the dog for you, there may be another pet that may work for your home.  

As a regular obedience class attendee, Titus can "sit" calmly; make great eye contact with "look"; "lie down" and stay put; "shake" with his petite paw, and walk nicely next to his person. Titus is one smart pup! He learns quickly, especially when treats are involved-he loves treats, and he's not picky; he'll bust out every trick in the book for a few morsels of kibble. He is very social with humans and dogs alike, and is especially attentive and attuned to his handlers. He is a playgroup star at the shelter and loves to wrestle and romp with his canine pals.

Titus is looking for a home where he can get plenty of exercise and continue to work on his training. He would love a well-matched canine sister or brother, both to help burn energy and to keep up his wonderful dog socialization! So if you're looking for love in a most exquisite and compact form-with big goofy ears!-come meet Titus at Berkeley Care Animal Services.

Oh, and one more note: feel free to make your own guesses about his ancestry, but there's a good reason the folks at the shelter decided to stop bothering with breed designations. In short, they're rarely accurate, and don't actually predict a dog's behavior!

A recent DNA testing study at Berkeley Animal Care Services confirmed that even experienced animal care professionals can only guess a dog's breed about 30% of the time. On top of that, even an accurate breed identification doesn't tell you much about a dog's personality. So the shelter staff decided to forego the guesswork and use observations of actual behavior to come up with a unique "breed" description for each dog. After all, what really makes a dog a great fit in a new home isn't its lineage, but its behavior. Some people want a dog to take to the park, or to jog with on the beach; to keep their other animals company, or to relax with on the couch after a long day. The folks at Berkeley Animal Care Services are confident that if people base their decision on a dog's observed personality, rather than making assumptions based on physical appearance, it will lead to happier and longer-lasting adoptions. Which is exactly what Titus is looking for: his forever home!

Berkeley Animal Care Services is located at 1 Bolivar Drive, Berkeley, CA 94710. Reach us by phone at (510) 981-6600. 


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