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City Manager's Office

2007 City of Berkeley Annual Report

 Solving Problems in Berkeley

Photo Courtesy Haas School of Business, UCBerkeley

Student Neighbor Task Force 

Over the years, the University of California, Berkeley and the City have had many conversations on quality of life issues such as underage drinking, out-of-control parties, late-night noise, and illegal dumping. In 2005, these conversations became the Chancellor’s Task Force on Student-Neighbor Relations.
UC and City officials, students, long-term residents and others are working together to improve student and residential life. The Task Force has a long-term view, but already there have been significant improvements. For example:

  • New students must take a 3-hour course on alcohol use before coming to Berkeley;
  • There has been more coordination among the Dean of Students, the City and neighbors, with disciplinary follow-up;
  • Landlords are reaching out to student tenants and negligent landlords have been warned of their responsibilities; and
  • Changes to local laws increase penalties for public nuisances and hold party hosts accountable if minors drink.

     The Task Force isn’t just about enforcement measures-- far from it. There have also been several projects, including the Student Move-Out Campaign and Get Ready Berkeley Day, which have allowed students and community members to work together.

For more information about the Task Force 981-2493.

Did you know? Berkeley has about 105,000 people, and almost 20 percent of those are Cal students. Cal is also the City’s largest employer, with 13,500 full-time employees and about 9,000 part-time, mostly student, employees.

Graffiti- Keeping it Off and Cleaning it Up 

The City of Berkeley is serious about graffiti abatement and is working to ensure that graffiti on both public and private property is cleaned up as quickly as possible. Staff from several City departments work together on the Anti-Graffiti Task Force to prevent and clean up graffiti. A variety of tactics help residential and business property owners fight graffiti in their neighborhoods, including surveillance, warning signs, graffiti telephone hotlines, and abatement kits.

Private property owners have an important role to play as well. By cleaning up graffiti quickly, you send the message that tagging won’t be tolerated. Working together, we can keep our city clean.

Graffiti on public property, call 981-6620.

For graffiti on private property, call 981-2489.

For graffiti in progress, call 911.


Investing in Children and Youth

One of our community values is taking care of the next generation. We work hard to ensure that every child is well cared for and that our youth and young adults are safe, strong, educated and prepared for adulthood.

With that in mind, Berkeley invests heavily in programs that address alcohol and drug prevention, violence prevention, academic excellence and leadership development. Young people help design their own programs, which has the dual benefit of giving them leadership skills and making the programs more appealing.

An example of this work is the Berkeley Integrated Resources Initiative, which brings together the resources of the City, the School District, Cal and the community. The City also helps other community organizations increase the recreational, leadership, and educational opportunities for youth.

To learn more about our youth projects, visit the Youth Services Directory or call Angela Gallegos-Castillo at 981-2491.


Other resources

Berkeley Alliance: Our goals are to enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of the resources already available in Berkeley , build universal learning supports to reduce educational and wellness disparities, and work with existing assets in low-wealth communities.

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