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 Berkeley's Arts and Culture Plan Update  

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The City of Berkeley has engaged the services of local consulting firm MIG to lead development of a new Cultural Plan that will update and build on the existing Arts and Culture Plan, which was approved by the City Council in 2004. This process is being facilitated by City Staff in partnership with the Berkeley Civic Arts Commission and the Berkeley Cultural Trust. This planning effort is sponsored by a grant from the Hewlett Foundation with matching funds from the City of Berkeley and the University of California at Berkeley through a Chancellor’s Grant. The project launched in September of 2016 and is expected to extend through September of 2017.

In developing this new Arts and Culture Plan, MIG will closely consider three program areas, or areas of interest, that are highlighted in the Hewlett Grant: the Civic Arts Grant Program, the Public Art Program and the development of an Arts Education Program.

The Civic Arts Grant Program component will take into account the history of the program as well as recent program changes and updates.

Public Art Program development will take into consideration the new Public Art for Telegraph Avenue Report as well as the current City of Berkeley public art collection, past legislation, the new Private Percent for Art Program, the public art map, and past calls for artists to make a general Public Art Plan for the City of Berkeley.

The Arts Education Program development will include the findings of the University of California Chancellor’s Grant currently in process. The first part of the research is to compare the after-school art enrichment programs at all of the elementary schools in Berkeley with the goal of identifying schools in need of arts programing. The second part of the research is to link possible appropriate nonprofit arts organizations with the identified after school programs in need of such programs. The overall goal is to establish an arts educations program within the Civic Arts Program that can facilitate the enrichment of after school art programs and to identify grants and other funding sources for support.

Stay tuned to this page for updates about the effort and community involvement opportunities! 


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»  Stakeholder Engagement Plan - September 2016: Berkeley has a high standard for stakeholder and community engagement in decision making and this document proactively identifies key interests, opinions and experts whose feedback is needed to ensure the Arts & Culture Plan Update reflects the needs and interests of the community and achieves its desired outcomes in a manner that is supported by decision makers and residents. It also identifies activities for both internal and external stakeholder engagement, ensuring an inclusive and innovative approach.


»  Document Review - October 2016: A review of key documents and other relevant data provided by the City, including studies funded or supported by the City and related agencies, intended to develop a more thorough understanding of the City’s current positioning regarding arts programming and facilities.


»  Stakeholder Interview Summary - October 2016: MIG conducted eight individual and small group interviews with key stakeholders to provide current City leadership, external partners (e.g., curators, non-profit arts organizations, or performing arts presenters) and program staff with the opportunity to share critical insights into the arts-related needs and opportunities. The interviews allowed participants to be more candid than they might be in a large group setting. Findings from the interview are reported in aggregate in this document.


»  Current Conditions Assessment   - May 2017: This assessment explores the current arts and cultural conditions and trends in the City of Berkeley. A key focus of this report is examining what has changed in the City and its arts community since the last Arts and Culture Plan was adopted in 2004, highlighting key changes to the arts ecosystem. It also provides information on shifting demographics, funding resources and recent policies and ordinances.


»  Visioning Work Session Summary  - May 2017: The City of Berkeley hosted a Visioning Work Session as part of the outreach process for developing the Berkeley Arts and Culture Plan Update. Eight Civic Arts Commission members were present and 14 community leaders representing arts organizations participated in the session and provided ideas and comments that will be the basis for materials to be used for the public engagement process. City residents are provided the opportunity to review and refine the goals, issues and strategies developed during the Work Session.


»  Berkeley Arts and Culture Plan Survey  - May 2017: A survey created to gain the community's opinion and input on what they would like for the city of Berkeley's Arts and Culture Plan which establishes citywide goals and strategies to develop and support local arts, culture, and entertainment. The input collected through this survey will be used to develop a future vision of arts and culture in Berkeley.


»   City of Berkeley Arts and Culture Plan Public Art Policy Working Group Summary - May 2017: Small collection of local leaders in the arts community convened for the Public Art Policy Working Group as part of the outreach process for the City of Berkeley’s Arts and Culture Plan Update on April 27, 2017. The purpose of the Policy Working Group was to assist the City in identifying policy improvements and action steps for the Public Art Program. There is an available agenda and PowerPoint with participants' responses from that event that can be viewed and downloaded, as well as a summary of what was presented and discussed during the meeting.


»  City of Berkeley Arts and Culture Plan Community Workshop - May 2017: The City of Berkeley is hosting an interactive Community Workshop to discuss arts-related goals, priorities and opportunities. This is a great time for the community to voice ideas on how the City can support and shape the arts in Berkeley. The Community Workshop will include presentations to learn about the Update process and opportunities to communicate thoughts on the future direction of arts and culture in Berkeley.


»   City of Berkeley Arts and Culture Plan Community Workshop Summary - June 2017: The City of Berkeley hosted an interactive workshop with the community to discuss the Arts and Culture Plan on June 1, 2017. There is an available agenda and PowerPoint with community responses from that event that can be viewed and downloaded, as well as a summary of what was presented and discussed during the workshop.


»  City of Berkeley Arts and Culture Plan Grants Policy Working Group - July 2017: A small group of local leaders in the arts community will assist the City in identifying policy improvements and action steps for the Civic Arts Grant Program related to the implementation of the revised grants process, developing additional funding sources, and addressing space and capital needs of artists and arts organizations 


» Berkeley Arts Economic Impact Report - September 2017: The data presented in this report is based on information gathered from a total of 100 arts and culture organizations in Berkeley. A total of 77 arts organizations participated in the DataArts Cultural Data Profile from 2010 – 2016, and MIG collected financial information from 23 additional organizations. The report discusses the economic growth brought on by the arts community, not only through revenue but also through jobs.


»Draft Goals and Policy Statements- October 2017: Draft document that outlines the goals for growth and sustainability in the Civic Arts Program. Expands on the policy statements developed for the upcoming years and presents ideas on possible action items to meet set goals.


»Updated Process Graph- October 2017: Process graph that shows the timeline for the Arts and Culture Plan update and the different phases.



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