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Office of Economic Development
Office of Economic Development
2016-2017 Civic Center Art Exhibition

Exhibit is open to the public, but we request that you call to make an appointment to see the work. Please call Mary Ann Merker at (510) 981-7533, or Jessica Moreno at (510) 981-7538 to schedule a time to see the appointment.


Click here for detailed information on artworks and their location in the building.

 2016 CCE Invitation Front

 2016 CCE Invitation Back

Baylie - Dameselatrest
Baylie - Falling #1 
Baylie - Falling 
Baylie - On the Edge
Baylie - Summertime 
Baylie - The first of Spring
Baylie - Winter
Bodenmiller dark wood sat dawn
BodenMiller - Dark Wood Saturday Dawn
Bodenmiller - Edge of Dark Woods 
Child - Pillows
Cohen - Orange Bulbs 
Cohen - Chrysanthemum 
Cohen Dark Moss
Cohen - Dark Moss
Cost - Berkeley Reading Eoom 
Cost - Cassidy's Water Dance 
Cost  - Fancy Dress In The Aisle 
Cost - Fourth of July 
Cotts - Bees Wing Med 
Dalmas - Close of Day 
Dalmas - Nightfall
Dalmas - Sunlight 
Davidson - A Child in Summer 
Davidson - Florida in Winter 
Davidson - Mermaids 
Davidson - No diving 
Dixon - Walking Sticks 
 Duhan Asonatina 
Duhan - Asonatina
Duhan - Peace 
Fein - Blue Shadows II 
 Fein Shifting Sand
Fein - Shifting Sand 
Gill - Being Neighborly
Gill - Hope For The Future 
Gill - Swords In Top Low Shares
 Gui Goodroom
Gui - Good room 
Gui - Lights 
Gui - Night Studio 
Hendersen - Sparrows 
 Hendersen Crows in Autumn
Hendersen - Crows in Autumn 
Hoite - Untitled 
 Hoite Untitled the crows
Hoite - Untitled the crows 
Huhn - Seacliff 
Huhn - Seal rocks 
Huhn - Seal Rocks #1 
Huhn - Seal Rocks 02. 
Kahn - Beauties Shadow 
Kahn - Boulevard Napa 
 Kahn garden fences
Kahn - Garden Fences 
Kalinkowitz - Hinle Cottonwoods Infrared 
Kalinkowitz - North Shore Sunset Infrared 
Kalinkowitz Road Taken Infrared 
Kalinkowitz - Sycamore Canyon Trail Infrared
Katz - Birds From the Wild
 Katz textures
Katz - Textures
Kloeppel - Haybales 
Kloeppel - San Gregorio Beach 
Kloeppel - Sonoma Flooded Trees 
 La Rocca Untitled1
La Rocca - Untitled1 
Layefsky - Double Dutch 
 Layefsky - marin circle
Layefsky - Marin circle 
Layefsky - New Berkeley art museum
Layefsky - The Tsui House 
McClain - Fortune cookie 
McClain - FortuneTeller 
McClain - Rope 
McClain - Towel 
Merenkov - Berkeley Hills  
Merenkov - SF Streets 
Morrison - August
 Morrison - December
Morrison - December 
Morrison - November 
Morrison - September 
Morrison - Stinson #3 
 Moser nightflight
Moser - Night Flight 
 Moser san pablopark 
Moser - San Pablo Park
Nakashima - Blue Waters 
Nakashima - Gray Waters 
Nakashima - Three Small Boats 
Nakashima - Two Boats 
Rabkin - Hands 
Selvin - Findings 
 Selvin - from the walters
Selvin - From the Walters 
Selvin - Lesson 2011
 Sussman - superfoods
Sussman - Superfoods 
 Sussman Wheres My Phone
Sussman - Wheres My Phone 
Whelan - Eve
 Whelan if not now 
Whelan - If Not Now
Whelan - Out of Place 
 Whelan Witness 
Whelan - Witness
 Zhong - Bikes
Zhong - Bikes 
Zhong - Chair 
Zhong - Dino 
Zhong - Pots 
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