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Animal Shelter
Animal Shelter

Trapping of Wildlife


 July 31, 1997


To:  Whom It May Concern

From:  D.E. Butler, Chief of Police


The Humane Commission has recommended and the City Council has approved a policy that limits the trapping of healthy wildlife.  

"The City of Berkeley Animal Services ("Animal Services") exists to rescue and protect animals, consistent with the need to protect citizens against imminent threats to public health and safety.  To that end Animal Services shall educate and inform the public regarding coexistence with wildlife.  Animal Services shall not trap, relocate, or kill any healthy wildlife, nor shall it aid or assist any person in such activity."

Therefore, effective immediately, the Animal Control Staff will no longer routinely rent traps to capture any type of animal.  Animal Control Staff will continue to educate the public with alternatives, and address any concerns that may arise on a case by case basis.

Nothing in this policy shall preclude the rescue and immediate release of an animal, nor change current practice with regard to the handling of sick, suffering, or dead animals or animals which pose an imminent threat to public health or safety.

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