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Animal Shelter
Animal Shelter

Lost & Found Pet Information

If you are looking for a lost pet:                                     


  • Check the internet:

  • Visit the shelter to see if you pet has been found.  If your animal is not at the shelter, fill out a "lost report" to be kept on file.

  • Return to the shelter every 2 or 3 days to look for your pet.

  • Check other local animal shelters and complete their lost report forms:  Oakland Animal Control - (510) 535-5603; Contra Costa County (Pinole) - (510) 374-3966.

  • Place a "Lost" ad in your local newspaper.

  • Check the local newspaper for "Found" ads.

  • Make up flyers, preferably featuring a photo of the pet, with as accurate a description of the pet as possible;

  • Notify neighbors of your lost pet. Put flyers under their doormats, not in their mailboxes (it's a violation of federal law) or speak to them in person.

  • Post notices at local businesses.

  • If the pet is a cat, be certain to look in crawl spaces of buildings, garages, storage sheds.  Cats often get locked into places where they've gone to explore or hide, so call for the cat during a time of day when a response from the cat will be heard.

  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - Don't wait around for someone else to find your pet and report it to you.  You must look for yourself - diligently.

  • And finally, unneutered cats and dogs can roam for miles, so the search will have to cover a broader area than for altered animals - another reason to have pets spayed/neutered.

  • If you have found a pet, please report it to Animal Services with as accurate description as possible.

If you file a lost pet report and later locate the animal,  

be sure to notify the shelter.

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