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Berkeley Housing Authority
Berkeley Housing Authority

Berkeley Housing Authority Board

 Board Members: 

Chair Carole Norris

Vice-Chair Damion McNeil, Valerie Agostino, Marva Cremer, Adolph Moody, Daniel Rossi and Chris Schildt



The Berkeley Housing Authority is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners.  The Board meets every second Thursday of the month at the North Berkeley Senior Center at 6 p.m. unless otherwise notified. PLEASE NOTE:

Communications to Berkeley Housing Authority  (BHA) Board are public record and will become part of BHA's electronic records, which are accessible through BHA's website.  Please note: e-mail addresses, names, addresses, and other contact information are not required, but if included in any communication to BHA, will become part of the public record.  If you do not want your e-mail address or any other contact information to be made public and included in the public record, please do not include that information in your communication.  Please contact the secretary to the board for further information.

2018 Agendas and Summaries: 

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Agenda Packets/Comments

Jan 11 Regular PDF Item 4A Draft Minutes November 2, 2017; Item 5A MOA for Local One, Local 1021 and Unrepresented Agreement July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2021; 6A Independent Audit Report Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017; Item 6B Executive Director's Monthly Report; Item 6C FY 2017-2018 Budget Amendment; Item 6D Finance Report Actual vs. Budget November 30, 2017;Item 6E SDRMA Workman's Compensation Resolution; Item 6F RAB; Item 8 SEMAP Final Score FYE 2017
Feb 8 Regular PDF Item 4A Draft Minutes January 11, 2018; Item 5A CalPERS;Item 6A Executive Director's Monthly Report;Item 6B Executive Director Goals Assessment; Item 6C Finance Report December 31, 2017
March 8  Regular    
April 12 Regular    
May 10 Regular    
June 14 Regular    
July 12    
Aug     No meeting   Board in Recess
Sept 13 Regular    
Oct 11 Regular    
Nov   8 Regular    
Dec No Meeting       Board in Recess



































Note: On May 22, 2007, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 63,692–N.S. declaring cessation of the current Berkeley Housing Authority (BHA) Board of Commissioners as of June 30, 2007 on specified conditions pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 34293. The Council also adopted Resolution No. 63,694–N.S. appointing a new board that became effective May 22, 2007. 


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