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Berkeley Housing Authority
Berkeley Housing Authority

Affordable Housing, Berkeley Inc. (AHB)

 Board Members:   

  Chris Schildt, Chair; Max Levine, Vice Chair; Adolph Moody, Daniel Rossi,  Max Levine, Ali Kashani and Alexandria Thomas-Rodriguez (one seat vacant)  

Affordable Housing Berkeley Vision and Mission Document (click here for pdf version)

Click here for AHB Board Agendas

Affordable Housing Berkeley strives to provide healthy, safe, sustainable, high-quality affordable housing for extremely low, very low and low income people throughout Berkeley. Our vision is that all people, regardless of ability to pay, have the support and opportunity to live a life with dignity in Berkeley.

As Affordable Housing Berkeley, we hold these as our core values:

1. All people deserve long term healthy, safe, sustainable, and quality housing as a human right, regardless of ability to pay.

2. All people should have the support and opportunity to live a life with dignity, including people with physical and emotional disabilities, people in the LGBTQ community, people who are unhoused/homeless, low-income people, and people of color.

3. Low-income people deserve to live in all neighborhoods and areas of Berkeley.

4. The injustices done to communities of Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC), particularly those who’ve been displaced, must be addressed.

5. Public resources must be used efficiently, including adherence to HUD-defined uses of Disposition proceeds.

6. We value deep collaboration with the community, including provision of permanent and enriched supportive services for residents.

7. Diversity in our organization and communities we serve is fundamental to our work.

AHB goals:

1. Provide, create, and/or preserve hundreds of deeply affordable units in Berkeley for those who lack the financial resources to pay market rate rents, while also ensuring supportive social services for those who need them

2. Provide opportunity for affordable housing in all areas of Berkeley, not just West and South Berkeley.

3. Expand housing opportunities for people of color who have been displaced out of Berkeley.

4. Create unencumbered positive cash flow for both AHB and BHA, while protecting BHA cash assets, in support of maintaining a housing authority in Berkeley in perpetuity.

5. Develop and maintain a staff and board that reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

6. Meet or exceed minimum HUD Housing Quality Standards and local, state, and federal energy efficiency requirements.

Analysis of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats:

Strengths - What internal strengths does AHB bring?

- Access to Berkeley Housing Authority Project Based Vouchers and potential access to Dispostion proceeds.

- Active board and staff with expertise in affordable housing development.

- Strong relationship and support from the City of Berkeley Mayor’s office, City staff, and City Council.

- Strong community connections and existing relationships with other nonprofit service providers, developers and community groups.

- Community support for AHB.

Weakness and Limitations - What internal weaknesses and limitations does AHB have?

- As a new organization, no development history as an organization

- Lack of seed money for startup costs

- Existing staff capacity currently limited to staff on loan from BHA or hiring consultants

- Founding board has gaps in skill set, particularly on development, finance, law, and real estate

- Limited to Berkeley geographically

- Disposition proceeds are limited to HUD defined uses

Opportunities - What external forces can we leverage or harness?

- Recent increases in local, state, and federal funding opportunities

- City Measure O, Measure U1, Housing Trust Fund dollars

- Trillions in new federal stimulus dollars

- Billions in state funding for housing unhoused populations

- New and existing local, state, and federal programs that we could seek out

- City of Berkeley’s small sites acquisition/rehab program

- State RHCP funds could be an opportunity for startup costs

- Project Homekey - $2 billion for acquisition for homeless housing


- Significant opportunities to create or acquire affordable housing:

- Ashby and North Berkeley BART stations -- The city and BART are embarking on an effort to develop the parking lots at these two BART stations, presenting an opportunities for hundreds of new, affordable housing units.

- There are estimates of large number of vacant apartment units that could be master leased and possibly even acquired

Threats - What external threats exist that could impede us achieving our goals?

- Private market developers and speculators can move faster than us

- There is a competitive affordable housing development market in Berkeley

- Real estate and development are risky; there is risk in losing money, ensuring the return is worth the investment, lawsuit, falling out

- Berkeley has a lack of empty lots to build on

- Owning, managing, and operating a building brings its own capacity challenges

- High land costs and high cost of housing development

- Local opposition to affordable housing

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