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Office of Energy & Sustainable Development (OESD)
Office of Energy & Sustainable Development (OESD)

BESO Time of Listing

BESO Energy Assessments Reveal Individualized Energy Improvement Opportunities. For general information about BESO see:

 Important BESO Documents
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Online BESO Application Portal*

  • Check Compliance Status
  • Submit BESO application and filing fee
  • Retrieve Copy of Compliance Form
  • Download BESO Assessment or Fuel Source Disclosure
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Green Building Registry
View and download Home Energy Score Assessments

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Registered Energy Assessor Lists
Commercial, Multifamily & Mixed Use
Houses (1-4 unit residential buildings)











BESO Compliance Steps 

1.  Check building status by looking up the building address on the online BESO Portal. Type in your building address to check its current BESO Status. The building must have a current “Compliant” status before it’s sold. See the list of statuses and next steps to bring your building into compliance: 

  • No Status Listed or Due Prior to Listing: The building is subject to the BESO requirements and must complete an application for BESO compliance prior to listing. These properties are still eligible for a 6-month deferral.
  • Pending - Deferral to Buyer Requested: The seller has submitted the initial deferral application and has paid the deferral fee. Once a buyer and sale date have been established, the buyer will need to submit the final deferral application to obtain the BESO Deferral Form C.
  • Compliant - Energy Report on File: The BESO assessment for this property is current and the building is approved for sale at this time. The BESO Compliance Form A and BESO assessment can be retrieved through the portal.
  • Compliant - Deferred to Buyer (Form C): A 6-month deferral to buyer was filed for this building. The BESO assessment and application/filing fee needs to be submitted before the deferral expires on the date listed under “Energy Report Due”. 
  • Compliant - Deferred (Form D): The building has an active BESO deferral. The BESO assessment and application/filing fee needs to be submitted before the deferral expires on the date listed under “Energy Report Due”.
  • Exempt - No Further Action Required: The building is exempt from BESO and an assessment is not required at this time.
  • Non-Compliant - Energy Report Past Due: The BESO assessment is past due and must be completed as soon as possible. Buildings listed as non-compliant are not eligible for a 6-month deferral to buyer. 

2.  Choose one of the following compliance options before listing your building for sale:

  • Complete an Energy Assessment - Hire a Registered BESO Energy Assessor qualified for your building type from the Registered Energy Assessor List (Commercial, Multifamily & Mixed Use or Houses [1-4 unit residential buildings]).The assessor will provide a copy of the Energy Report to the customer and the City. The City will email a Compliance Form A upon receipt of the BESO application and filing fee. Filing fees range from $79 to $250 based on building size, see the Table of Fees below for details.
  • Complete an Energy Efficiency or Electrification Upgrade - Buildings that participate in a verified Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (such as BayREN Home+) or complete a qualifying energy efficiency or electrification upgrade will be exempt from their current BESO assessment requirement. See below for a list of qualifying upgrade projects. No filing fee is required.
  • Apply for a Deferral to Buyer - This transfers the responsibility for BESO compliance from the seller to the buyer. The Time of Sale Deferral requires the buyer to complete an energy assessment within 6 months of the sale date. In lieu of the BESO Assessment, the BESO Fuel Source Disclosure must be provided to potential buyers. See steps below:
  1. Seller submits the "Request Deferral to Buyer" online application prior to listing, inputs the energy source (Electricity or Natural Gas) for all major appliances and systems, and pays the $110 deferral fee.
  2. A link to the Property's Fuel Source Disclosure will be emailed to the seller. The Fuel Source Disclosure must be provided to all potential buyers.
  3. Once a buyer and sale date have been established, the buyer must submit an online application (no filing fee) to accept the BESO deferral and obtain the BESO Deferral Form C. The buyer then has 6 months to complete the required assessment. Alternatively, the buyer can complete a qualifying energy efficiency or electrification upgrade in lieu of a BESO assessment (see the list of qualifying upgrade projects below).
  • Deferral for New Construction or Extensive Renovation - Time of Listing reporting requirements may be deferred for up to ten years for new construction or extensive renovation. A project qualifies as an "extensive renovation" if it includes replacement of all energy-related equipment (i.e. water heating and space heating) and at least half of the building envelope. Submit a copy of all applicable permits along with application. A Deferral Form D will be generated; no filing fee is required. Submit the Deferral Form D to title company at closing. A 24-month extension can be granted from a current assessment requirement for a planned "extensive renovation" or demolition.


  • Apply for Exemption:  
    • Exempt size thresholds - Buildings under 850 ft2 or greater than 25,000 ft2 are exempt from the BESO Time of Listing requirement. No filing fee is required.
    • Unit within a larger building - Units within a larger building (such as an individually owned attached condo), are exempt from time-of-listing BESO requirements. No filing fee is required.
For additional deferrals, such as hardship, please contact the BESO team directly at or 510-981-7465.

 3. Complete the online BESO Application and submit filing fee (if applicable) -  Online BESO Application Portal

4. Provide the building’s Energy Assessment or Fuel Source Disclosure status in the disclosure documents. BESO information and status is available on the City's website. Energy information must be provided to prospective buyers. Deferral Form C or Compliance Form A and the Energy Report are required to be included with closing documents at close of escrow.

Qualifying Energy Efficiency or Electrification Upgrades:

  • Completion of a qualifying BayREN Home+ measure or package for single family homes. BayREN Home+ Program offers incentives and rebates (up to $1000) for various energy upgrades. The program also has Home Energy Advisors that can assist you through the upgrade process. Qualifying BayREN Home+ measures include:
    • Heat Pump Water Heater Installation
    • Heat Pump HVAC Installation
    • Electrification package (all 3 measures needed) – Induction Stove rebate, Heat Pump clothes dryer rebate & Smart Thermostat rebate
    • Attic and Wall Insulation + Air Sealing (Only attic or only wall is acceptable if the other insulation type is not recommended/needed
  • Completion of a verified multi-measure comprehensive energy improvement project with minimum 10% energy improvement, including participation in Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancement Program (BAMBE).
  • Completion of an electrification project transitioning the building’s water and/or space heating from natural gas to electric heat pump, including participation in BayREN Home+.

For questions regarding an assessment exemption for completing an energy efficiency or electrification upgrade please email the BESO Helpdesk (

Mailing Option:

BESO applications and filling fees can be submitted in the mail. Please complete a paper BESO application and make the check payable to City of Berkeley, mail the filing fee along with application to:

  •     City of Berkeley
        Office of Energy & Sustainable Development
        ATTN: BESO
        1947 Center St., 1st Floor
        Berkeley, CA 94704 
Submit Energy Assessment 
Based on Building Size
Filing Fee
Houses (1-4 dwelling units) $79
Buildings 850-4,999 ft2 $79
Buildings 5,000-24,999 ft2 $152
Deferrals & Exemptions  
Deferral to Buyer (Form C) $110
Other Deferrals (Form D) No Fee
Energy Upgrade Exemption No Fee
Exemptions No Fee
Other Fees  
Administrative Late Fee $85

 Home Energy Score Information:

Other Time of Sale Requirements and Resources:

More Information:

For questions, email For more information, see the main BESO webpage at  

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