Everyone is required to stay home, except for essential needs. When out, protect yourself and those around you by wearing a face covering, staying 6 feet away from others, and washing your hands often. Learn more at cityofberkeley.info/covid19. City offices are closed to the public. Some services are available remotely.

The City of Berkeley Health Officer has ordered all residents to shelter at home, leaving only to receive or provide essential services, starting 12:01 am on Tuesday, March 17. See details of the Order, frequently asked questions, and recommendations from Berkeley Public Health at https://www.cityofberkeley.info/coronavirus.

City Council Live Stream: Please visit https://www.cityofberkeley.info/CalendarEventWebcastMain.aspx

ZAB Live Stream: Please visit http://www.cityofberkeley.info/Clerk/Commissions/Zoning_Adjustment_Board_Meeting_-_Video_Stream.aspx.

The City of Berkeley web site is undergoing scheduled maintenance starting on Friday night, September 13 and ending on Saturday afternoon, September 14. During this time, most web pages should be available, but some resources may become unavailable for short periods of time.

Looking for a live stream of the Zoning Adjustments Board (ZAB) meeting on 5/9/19, at 7:00pm? Please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1UAnZ8kU8EWllREyOY7rwQ/. The normal viewing methods will not work this time due to a concurrent City Council Special Meeting at the same time.

Looking for a live stream of the Zoning Adjustments Board (ZAB) meeting on 2/28/19, from 6:00 to 11:00 PM? Please visit http://www.cityofberkeley.info/Clerk/Commissions/Zoning_Adjustment_Board_Meeting_-_Video_Stream.aspx. The normal viewing methods will not work this time due to a concurrent City Council Special Meeting at the same date and time.

PG&E is reporting a widespread outage affecting thousands of customers in Berkeley and many City buildings, including the Finance Customer Service Center and the Permit Service Center. Call respective City services for further details, or check the PG&E outage page. Power is expected to return by 12:45pm. Traffic lights that are not working should be treated as a four-way stop sign.

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City Auditor
City Auditor

Audit News

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  • January 2022: An Update from the City Auditor; Audit Update; 2023 Budget Cycle; Redistricting; Reimagining Public Safety; AC-Transit Ward Redistricting; COVID-19 Information
  • September 2021: Initiating Financial Condition Audit; Financial First Aid Kit; Vaccinations Required in Certain Businesses; Wildfire Readiness; AC Transit: Fare-Free Fridays in September; COVID-19 Vaccination Update 
  •  August 2021: Audit Plan for FY2022; 3rd Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine; Prepare for Fire Season; Upcoming Sept, 14 election; COVID -19 Vaccination Update 
  • July 2021: Input Audit Plan FY2022; Presentation of Fleet Fund Audit on July 21; National Night Out on August 3rd; City Council on Recess
  • July 2021: Financial Readiness Series with State Controller Betty Yee; Police Audit Corrections; July 4th: Marina Waterfront and Grizzly Peak; July 10th: Redistricting Public Hearing; COVID-19 Vaccination Update 
  • June 2021: Financial Readiness Series with State Controller Betty Yee; Fleet Audit Presentation; City of Berkeley Budget Meetings; COVID-19 Vaccination Update
  • June 2021: Audit Release: Fleet Replacement Fund Short Millions; Meetings Related to City Budget; Reimagining Public Safety survey; COVID-19 Vaccination Update
  • May 2021: Berkeley in Solidarity with AAPI; Police Data Analysis Audit Presentation; BOLT Adopts Reserve Policy; Important Message from AC Alert; COVID-19 Vaccination Update
  • April 2021: Audit Release: Data Analysis of the City of Berkeley's Police Response; Survey on Asian American Hate Incidents in Bereley; COVID-19 Vaccination Update
  • April 2021: City Auditor's Office Wins Top National Award for Second Time; Survey on Asian American Hate Incidents in Berkeley; COVID-19 Vaccination Update
  • February 2021: More COVID-19 Vaccine appointments available for those who are 75 and over: Feb 5 - 8
  • January 2021: Street Paving Plan on Council Agenda; Get Notified When COVID-19 Vaccines are Available
  • December 2020: Streets Audits Presented to Council Tomorrow; Emergency Regional Stay At Home Order
  • November 2020: Streets Audit Released; New Restrictions on Indoor Activities
  • October 2020: Upcoming Streets Audit; Update on Policing Audits: Good News and Bad News; Your Vote; Sign Up for AC Alert: Berkeley's Emergency Notification System
  • September 2020: Update on Policing Audits; Submit Photo of a Berkeley Street; Census Deadline; Suicide Prevention Month
  • September 2020: Wildfire Evacuation Preparedness; Sign Up for AC Alert; Volunteers Need for the Independent Redistricting Commission; Public Safety Power Shutoffs; Track Your Ballot; Poll Workers Needed; 2020 Census 
  • August 2020: Library Use of Tax Funds; Policing Audits Update; Air Quality Concerns and Resources; 2020 Census
  • July 2020: Know Anyone Interested in an Entry Level Auditor Position?
  • July 2020: Updated Audit Plan and Audit of Police Department
  • May 2020: Shelter in Place Update; Time to Prepare for Wildfire Season; Meetings Related to Budget; 2019 Knighton Award
  • May 2020: Testing Site Open to All of Berkeley; Upcoming Events; Bay Area Shelter-in-Place Orders Remain in Effect
  • April 2020: Saturday, April 25, 12pm-1pm Virtual Town Hall on COVID-19
  • April 2020: Report Release: Navigating the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Berkeley's Finances
  • April 2020: Virtual Town Hall April 10; Covid-19 Testing Site
  • April 2020Bay Area Health Officers Extend, Update Stay-At- Home Order With New Restrictions through May 3; Hardship Grants; Census 2020 Day
  • March 2020: Virtual Town Hall March 28Shelter In Place and Other COVID-19 Information; BUSD School Closure Extended Through May 1 
  • March 2020: Berkeley Health Officer Has Issued a Shelter in Place Order
  • March 2020: COVID-19 Update
  • December 2019: 2019 - The Year in Review
  • November 2019: Audit Recommendations; Struggle to Recruit Public Safety Personnel
  • October 2019: Potential Power Outage 10/26; Domestic Violence Response Audit Council Presentation 10/29 
  • October 2019: Domestic Violence Response: Berkeley Needs a Comprehensive Policy to Support City Employees
  • October 2019: PG&E Power Outage
  • September 2019: Accountability in City Government
  • September 2019: Solano Avenue Stroll September 8th
  • July 2019: Fiscal Year 2020 Audit Plan and More
  • May 2019Fire Department Not Meeting Inspection Mandates 
  • April 2019: Berkeley 911 Center Understaffed and Overworked
  • March 2019: Update from the new City Auditor
  • September 2018: Animal Services Time Management, Zero Waste Billing, and Saving the Planet
  • September 2018: Accomplishments, Risks and Berkeley's Ethical Climate
  • July 2018: Strategies for Berkeley's Future - Streets plan and Audit plan
  • June 2018: Your Tax Dollars at Work - Fire, Code Enforcement and Prudent Spending
  • May 2018: Getting the Public's Work Done - Action on Audits
  • April 2018: Emergency Disabled Services Audit - Challenges Ahead for EDI Management and Board
  • April 2018: Deadline Now April 16!
  • March 2018: Now Hiring - Auditor I in Performance Audit!
  • March 2018: How are Performance Audits Driving Change in 2018?
  • February 2018: Your Tax Dollars at Work - Animal Services and Parks
  • February 2018: Here's that rainy day:GF Reserve Policy Council vote 2/13
  • January 2018: Reports on Audit Results and More Audit Reports and Action Reports on the Way!
  • January 2018: Zero Waste by 2020 - Making Progress?
  • December 2017: Revenue, Risks, and Results - 12/19 Council Meeting
  • November 2017: How is the City Spending Your Money?
  • November 2017: Parks and Fire (Measure GG) Good News; FY2017 Report on Results
  • October 2017: Making a Difference!
  • September 2017: Make Rainy Day Policy While the Sun Shines!
  • July 2017: Kudos on Parks Tax Accountability; 2018 Audits and Strategic Planning
  • June 2017Permit Center, Reserve action, Budget and 2018 Audit Plan
  • May 2017: The City and the University - Reserves and Expense Policies
  • April 2017Prudent Reserves, Your Audit Plan Ideas
  • March 2017Improvements in Ambulance Billing, Strong Ethical Climate
  • March 2017City Reserves, Ethics Audit Results, and Ambulance billing
  • January 2017Action on Reserves; IT Project Advice; Payroll Changes
  • December 2016Rescheduled - Protecting the City's Future
  • November 2016Protecting the City's Future
  • October 2016Celebrating Anna Rabkin, former City Auditor
  • September 2016Zero Waste by 2020? Auditor I Recruitment Closes Monday
  • August 19, 2016: Now Hiring! We have an immediate opening for an Auditor I in Performance Audit!
  • June 28, 2016 Payroll audit and Budget Action
  • June 2016Rare Opportunity in Payroll Audit! 
  • April 2016We are Hiring! 
  • March 2016: Reserves Audit Back Again
  • February 2016: Equity and Resources   
  • January 2016: 3 E's to measure City performance: efficiency, effectiveness and equity
  • November 2015: Difficult Choices
  • October 2015: Is Berkeley Getting More Efficient?
  • June 20152016 audit plan: Reserves, Community Agencies, PR&W Repair and Maintenance
  • April 2015: What Should We Audit Next?
  • January 2015: The City of Berkeley is Hiring!
  • October 2014: Police Injuries, Animal Shelter Overtime, and Auditor's Office Goals
  • September 2014: What has the Auditor's Office done lately?
  • June 2014Underfunded Mandate: Resources, Strategic Plan, and Communication Needed to Continue Progress Toward the Year 2020 Zero Waste Goal
  • March 2014: Construction Permits - Monitor Performance and Fee Assessment to Ensure Excellent and Equitable Customer Service
  • February 2014: FY2014 Mid-Year Budget Report and CalPERS Update
  • November 2013: Failing Streets Audit status report
  • October 2013: Fiscal Sustainability
  • April 2013Shelter Plus Care: Fully Compliant but Vulnerable to Staffing Cuts
  • February 2013: City Auditor's Budget Report and 2012 Peer Review: Audit of the City of Berkeley Auditor's Office
  • January 2013:City Manager presents the Fiscal Year 2014 and 2015 Budget 
  • October 29, 2012Calling all Berkeley Residents: Want to help make Berkeley better?
  • October 2012City Auditor's Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012
  • June 2012Investing in Sustainability: Streets Audit Follow-up and Stormwater
  • May 2012Business License Taxes:  Providing Better Guidance and Customer Service Will Increase Revenues
  • April 2012: City Auditor's Office receives the Association of Local Government Auditors' "2011 Bronze Knighton Award"
  • November 2011: Failing Streets: Time to Change Direction to Achieve Sustainability
  • May 2011: City Auditor's Annual Report for FY2010; Audit of Citywide Payment Card Acceptance: Is Cardholder Information Safe
  • January 2011: The City Auditor discusses Employee Benefits: Tough Decisions Ahead and the City Manager's report on Unfunded Liabilities
  • November 2010: Good News: City Manager reports workers' compensation rates decrease 4.3%
  • October 2010: City audits take action to improve controls: Equipment Replacement Fund - Sustainability and Transparency; Lack of Support for Payroll Adjusting Journal Entries: Grant Revenue at Risk
  • April 2010: Good News: Housing Department has systems in place to monitor federal Recovery Act dollars
  • March 2010 : City Auditor Proposed Budget Cuts; Berkeley and Oakland City Auditors discuss across the board cuts and responsible budgets
  • January 2010:  City Auditor's Annual Report for FY2009; Fiscal Responsibility and Outstanding Audits: Policies, Problems, and Solutions
  • October 2009: Audits: "Utilization of Public Works Sewer Staff Can Be Improved" and "Investing in Long Term Savings: Workers' Compensation and Wellness"

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