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  • December 2019: 2019 - The Year in Review
  • November 2019: Audit Recommendations; Struggle to Recruit Public Safety Personnel
  • October 2019: Potential Power Outage 10/26; Domestic Violence Response Audit Council Presentation 10/29 
  • October 2019: Domestic Violence Response: Berkeley Needs a Comprehensive Policy to Support City Employees
  • October 2019: PG&E Power Outage
  • September 2019: Accountability in City Government
  • September 2019: Solano Avenue Stroll September 8th
  • July 2019: Fiscal Year 2020 Audit Plan and More
  • May 2019Fire Department Not Meeting Inspection Mandates 
  • April 2019: Berkeley 911 Center Understaffed and Overworked
  • March 2019: Update from the new City Auditor
  • September 2018: Animal Services Time Management, Zero Waste Billing, and Saving the Planet
  • September 2018: Accomplishments, Risks and Berkeley's Ethical Climate
  • July 2018: Strategies for Berkeley's Future - Streets plan and Audit plan
  • June 2018: Your Tax Dollars at Work - Fire, Code Enforcement and Prudent Spending
  • May 2018: Getting the Public's Work Done - Action on Audits
  • April 2018: Emergency Disabled Services Audit - Challenges Ahead for EDI Management and Board
  • April 2018: Deadline Now April 16!
  • March 2018: Now Hiring - Auditor I in Performance Audit!
  • March 2018: How are Performance Audits Driving Change in 2018?
  • February 2018: Your Tax Dollars at Work - Animal Services and Parks
  • February 2018: Here's that rainy day:GF Reserve Policy Council vote 2/13
  • January 2018: Reports on Audit Results and More Audit Reports and Action Reports on the Way!
  • January 2018: Zero Waste by 2020 - Making Progress?
  • December 2017: Revenue, Risks, and Results - 12/19 Council Meeting
  • November 2017: How is the City Spending Your Money?
  • November 2017: Parks and Fire (Measure GG) Good News; FY2017 Report on Results
  • October 2017: Making a Difference!
  • September 2017: Make Rainy Day Policy While the Sun Shines!
  • July 2017: Kudos on Parks Tax Accountability; 2018 Audits and Strategic Planning
  • June 2017Permit Center, Reserve action, Budget and 2018 Audit Plan
  • May 2017: The City and the University - Reserves and Expense Policies
  • April 2017Prudent Reserves, Your Audit Plan Ideas
  • March 2017Improvements in Ambulance Billing, Strong Ethical Climate
  • March 2017City Reserves, Ethics Audit Results, and Ambulance billing
  • January 2017Action on Reserves; IT Project Advice; Payroll Changes
  • December 2016Rescheduled - Protecting the City's Future
  • November 2016Protecting the City's Future
  • October 2016Celebrating Anna Rabkin, former City Auditor
  • September 2016Zero Waste by 2020? Auditor I Recruitment Closes Monday
  • August 19, 2016: Now Hiring! We have an immediate opening for an Auditor I in Performance Audit!
  • June 28, 2016 Payroll audit and Budget Action
  • June 2016Rare Opportunity in Payroll Audit! 
  • April 2016We are Hiring! 
  • March 2016: Reserves Audit Back Again
  • February 2016: Equity and Resources   
  • January 2016: 3 E's to measure City performance: efficiency, effectiveness and equity
  • November 2015: Difficult Choices
  • October 2015: Is Berkeley Getting More Efficient?
  • June 20152016 audit plan: Reserves, Community Agencies, PR&W Repair and Maintenance
  • April 2015: What Should We Audit Next?
  • January 2015: The City of Berkeley is Hiring!
  • October 2014: Police Injuries, Animal Shelter Overtime, and Auditor's Office Goals
  • September 2014: What has the Auditor's Office done lately?
  • June 2014Underfunded Mandate: Resources, Strategic Plan, and Communication Needed to Continue Progress Toward the Year 2020 Zero Waste Goal
  • March 2014: Construction Permits - Monitor Performance and Fee Assessment to Ensure Excellent and Equitable Customer Service
  • February 2014: FY2014 Mid-Year Budget Report and CalPERS Update
  • November 2013: Failing Streets Audit status report
  • October 2013: Fiscal Sustainability
  • April 2013Shelter Plus Care: Fully Compliant but Vulnerable to Staffing Cuts
  • February 2013: City Auditor's Budget Report and 2012 Peer Review: Audit of the City of Berkeley Auditor's Office
  • January 2013:City Manager presents the Fiscal Year 2014 and 2015 Budget 
  • October 29, 2012Calling all Berkeley Residents: Want to help make Berkeley better?
  • October 2012City Auditor's Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012
  • June 2012Investing in Sustainability: Streets Audit Follow-up and Stormwater
  • May 2012Business License Taxes:  Providing Better Guidance and Customer Service Will Increase Revenues
  • April 2012: City Auditor's Office receives the Association of Local Government Auditors' "2011 Bronze Knighton Award"
  • November 2011: Failing Streets: Time to Change Direction to Achieve Sustainability
  • May 2011: City Auditor's Annual Report for FY2010; Audit of Citywide Payment Card Acceptance: Is Cardholder Information Safe
  • January 2011: The City Auditor discusses Employee Benefits: Tough Decisions Ahead and the City Manager's report on Unfunded Liabilities
  • November 2010: Good News: City Manager reports workers' compensation rates decrease 4.3%
  • October 2010: City audits take action to improve controls: Equipment Replacement Fund - Sustainability and Transparency; Lack of Support for Payroll Adjusting Journal Entries: Grant Revenue at Risk
  • April 2010: Good News: Housing Department has systems in place to monitor federal Recovery Act dollars
  • March 2010 : City Auditor Proposed Budget Cuts; Berkeley and Oakland City Auditors discuss across the board cuts and responsible budgets
  • January 2010:  City Auditor's Annual Report for FY2009; Fiscal Responsibility and Outstanding Audits: Policies, Problems, and Solutions
  • October 2009: Audits: "Utilization of Public Works Sewer Staff Can Be Improved" and "Investing in Long Term Savings: Workers' Compensation and Wellness"

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