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City Manager's Office
City Manager's Office

2018 City Manager's Annual Report

A solid foundation is not always seen, but instead allows for the creation of a future that's much larger - be it a modest home or a regal palace.

Notable Highlights

  • Implementation of Strategic Plan
  • New Financial System
  • New Debt, Reserve Policies
  • New Tools for Businesses
  • Police Body-Worn Cameras
  • Health Status Report
  • South Berkeley Senior Center Renovation
  • New Mental Health Clinic
  • Improved Customer Service

Government is no different. The "building" we strive to create in Berkeley is really a set of projects, structures, activities and relationships — an environment where all members of our community can thrive. While the City offers many routine services we strive to offer on a high level, what stands out in the last few years is the work we've done as a City that's foundational.

We've created a Strategic Plan to prioritize the projects that reflect our community's core values and to focus on that which matters most. We're overhauling our core financial systems so that we can better plan, analyze and report on our fiscal health. We've set new reserve and debt policies. We're building a new website. We've created new tools for businesses to succeed and started initiatives to improve customer service.

Those specific achievements aren't accomplishments you can immediately touch. But they set us on a solid path for a strong future. They are projects that better align with our community, improve fiscal health, upgrade our ability to communicate and allow people to more easily access services.

We've also taken on work that's easier to see. In the pages of this year's report, you'll see a sample of capital projects that range from underground sewers and storm water drains to roads, parks and recreation centers. They've been shaped by concerns about equity to ensure that all parts of our community are equitably served. They've increased our sustainability, such as improving water quality to the Bay. We've re-designed roads to better adapt to all modes of travel. We've dramatically renovated several parks so they're more comfortable and fun to play on.

No one person does this work. We do it as a team. Our City Council leads through policy, shaping a vision for our government. Staff develops those decisions by thoughtfully, compassionately and efficiently delivering services and capital projects. Community members pour in time, serving on commissions, staying engaged on a range of issues and investing in Berkeley, literally and through their passion.

City Manager Dee Williams-Ridley

We are fortunate to be in this community together, and there is much that we can be grateful for. We also have room to improve. To prepare, we are all building a foundation, one that envisions a future that's more healthy, resilient, and inclusive.

Dee Williams-Ridley
City Manager

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