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Office of Energy and Sustainable Development
Office of Energy and Sustainable Development

Energy Smart Awardees

Congratulations to the buildings that participated in the East Bay Energy Smart awards program. These buildings were recognized for their dedication to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship:

What did they do? They used ENERGY STARĀ® Portfolio Manager find out their benchmarking score and determined how energy efficient their building is. They received an Smart Energy Award from the City of Berkeley for their dedication to energy efficiency. Benchmarking helps building owners, managers, facility staff and tenants better understand how to manage energy use and save money on monthly utility bills.

Why benchmark? Benchmarking uses ENERGY STARĀ® Portfolio Manager software, developed by the EPA, to track energy use in a building. It is the first step to making buildings more energy efficient. By paying attention to operations and looking for opportunities to lower energy consumption, you can save money. Benchmarking allows you to:

  • Track how much energy your building uses
  • Compare your building's energy consumption with similar buildings
  • Lower utility bill costs & the carbon emissions of your building
  • Stay ahead of the curve in complying with the benchmarking & disclosure requirements of  California Assembly Bill 1103
  • Receive recognition through Berkeley's Energy Smart Awards Program

What are the Energy Smart Awards?The Cities of  Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville give out energy leadership awards through the Energy Smart Awards program to businesses and building owners who benchmark their building's energy use. All buildings that benchmark will receive an Energy Smart Award. Energy Smart Award participants receive personalized energy reports on energy saving opportunities, apples-to-apples building ratings compared with the energy performance of similar buildings in similar climates across the country, and an award. 

For information on how to participate, see:

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