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Dumpster Program

In an effort to increase community participation in disaster planning and public safety, neighborhoods that regularly collaborate through established City programs are eligible to reserve a 16 cubic yard dumpster without a fee.


16 Cubic Yard Dumpster    


Application  (Word)

Application (PDF)

Make sure to include diagram of dumpster drop-off location in the gridded area of the 4th page

Submit Complete Application To:

c/o OES/Dumpster Program

2100 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, 2nd Floor, Berkeley, CA 94704  (EMAIL PREFERRED)

Fax: 510-981-5579

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does a group qualify for a dumpster?

Two presentations/events from the list below in the past 12 months: 

  • National Night Out (Annually in August, Neighborhood must be registered)  
  • CERT/Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill (Annually in October, Neighborhood must be registered)  
  • Disaster Preparedness Presentation (Berkeley Fire Department or Public Health)
  •  Disaster Prep Fair (March 18, 2017, 5 Neighborhood Members must sign in at Berkeley Ready table)  
  • Neighborhood Watch Meeting (Scheduled through BPD Community Services Bureau) 


Within the last 12 months have a total of five neighborhood members complete either CERT training defined below: 

  • Full CERT Academy OR
  • Single-Session CERT trainings (i.e. CERT Disaster Medical or Fire Safety)

Neighborhoods can choose either method to qualify for a dumpster, regardless of previous method of qualification (NOTE- UPDATED 2/6/2017)

Who can apply for a dumpster?

Any group of Berkeley residents who work together to plan for disasters and have fulfilled the requirements listed in the application.  The group must reside within a close geographic vicinity of each other to qualify.  This program is available for residents of Berkeley, not commercial organizations.

 How can a neighborhood group receive credit for participating in the Disaster Preparedness Fair on March 18, 2017?

In order to receive credit that qualifies for a dumpster, at least five people from the neighborhood must check in at the Berkeley Ready booth at the fair and sign in on the neighborhood group list. Make sure you know your neighborhood's name! 

How often can a group request a dumpster?

Dumpsters are provided to qualifying groups a maximum of once every Fiscal Year (July 2016-July 2017).  The number of free dumpsters is limited by funding availability.  Dumpsters will be allocated in the order applications are received.  If the number of requests for dumpsters exceeds the available funding, qualifying groups who do not receive a dumpster will be prioritized in the next year of the program.

How far in advanced should neighborhood groups apply for a dumpster?

Completed applications for dumpsters should be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the requested dumpster delivery date.  All qualifications must be complete before the application can be processed.

How can we sign up for the qualifying presentations?

Five Critical Steps:  Call the Berkeley Fire Department to schedule at 510-981-5605 or email 

Neighborhood Watch: Visit the Neighborhood Watch Website.  All qualifying meetings must be scheduled with Arlinda Brown (510-981-5798).  Meetings with other law enforcement agencies such as UC Berkeley PD also qualify as long as they are scheduled with Arlinda Brown from the BPD Community Services Bureau.

Public Health:

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Presentation: 510-981-5289

Tobacco Prevention Presentation: 510-981-5337. This program is recommended for residents and owners of multi-unit housing complexes.

Disaster Preparedness: Six Presentations available from Public  Health's Division Community Preparedness and Engagement team. Email for more information:

The City of Berkeley Public Health Division’s Community Preparedness & Engagement team conducts FREE emergency preparedness workshops in (and for) the South and West Berkeley community. These workshops are engaging, interactive (hands-on activities!) and full of valuable information. The workshops have been divided up into 6 modules that are each about 45 min to 1 hour long. Our team can present the modules in sequence, or as stand-alone modules.

•     Why Prepare? What are Disasters? – Participants will learn about different types of local disasters and why it is important to be prepared.
•     Building an Emergency Kit – Participants will learn the importance of assembling an emergency kit, and will receive a list of recommended items and price lists.
•     Family Reunification & Communication – Participants will learn about the elements of a basic reunification plan and then create a wallet size reunification plan.
•     Disaster Mental Health – Participants will learn the principles of basic mental health techniques using the Listen, Protect, & Connect model.
•     Disaster First Aid – Participants will learn basic bandaging and first aid techniques.
•     Leadership Roles & Organization – Participants will learn about leadership roles they can take in the event of an emergency.

My neighborhood is in a high fire danger area and we want a dumpster for plant debris. How do I get that dumpster?

The Fire Fuel Vegetation Bin Program is managed by the division of Forestry and requested directly at the Customer Service Center (311 in Berkeley). People living in the hazardous hills fire area can order a vegetation debris bin (30 cubic yards) for their neighborhood directly from the Center.  Bins are only for vegetation debris.  No application is needed, just call the Customer Service Center.  Detailed information is available HERE.

How can I get a dumpster if I don't qualify for any of these programs or just want a dumpster for my family? 

There are no discounted/free programs for a single person or family looking for a dumpster for their own use.  Individuals needing to use a dumpster must pay for it or schedule bulky waste pick up.  More information here: Bulky Waste Pick-Up

Where can I get answers to questions not listed here?

Email the Office of Emergency Services at with any questions.


This Program is Funded By Measure GG

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