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Notice: This web page is a public resource to view and download data.  The City of Berkeley makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information provided herein and shall assume no liability for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information provided. Data  can be downloaded in an ESRI shapefile format (in the UTM Zone 10 North, meters WGS 84 projection) or as a KMZ file (compressed KML).  Shapefiles may be viewed using ESRI's free viewing software ArcGIS Explorer.  KMZ files can be viewed in Google Earth, a free application from Google. 


Layer Name Description Metadata Shapefile KMZ file

Parcel Polygon database for the City of Berkeley, attributes include Address and county land use code.

parcels.xml Parcels.shp not available
Street Network

Street centerline network for the City of Berkeley and
surrounding area.  Address range attributes for each
street segment

streets.xml Streets.shp Streets.kmz
Land Area City of Berkeley land area polygon for general reference cob_land.xml cob_land.shp not available
Zoning Polygon data illustrating zoning in the City of Berkeley zoning.xml Zoning.shp not available
Parks City of Berkeley and other area Parks parks.xml Parks.shp Parks.kmz
ZIP codes ZIP code areas zip.xml Zip.shp Zip.kmz
City Council City Council Districts cdistricts.xml CDistricts.shp CDistricts.kmz
Police Beats BPD Beats bpdbeats.xml BPDbeats.shp BPDbeats.kmz
Bike Blvds. All bicycle boulevards bikeblvds.xml BikeBlvds.shp BikeBlvds.kmz
City Trees City trees inventory citytrees.xml CityTrees.shp not available
Sewer Mains      Sanitary sewer mainlines ss_main.xml ss_main.shp ss_main.kmz
Sewer Nodes Sanitary sewer manholes, lampholes, etc. ss_node.xml ss_node.shp  
Stormpipes Stormwater pipelines sw_main.xml sw_main.shp sw_main.kmz
Storm Nodes Stormwater manholes, inlets, outlets, cross culverts, junction boxes, etc. sw_node.xml sw_node.shp  
Roofprints Building roofprints from 2006 roofprints.xml roofprints.shp  


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