Finance Department
Finance Department

Current Bid & Proposal Opportunities

The following is a list of current solicitations for City of Berkeley non-construction Bids and RFPs. For construction projects, see below. If you are intending to respond to an item or engage in another vendor relationship with the City, please see Additional Information & Links, below.

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  • All bids close at 2:00 pm on the date specified

Non-Construction Bids & Proposals

 Specification #

 Title/Description & Related Specification Files

Due Date

SAMPLE Personal Services Contract     
SAMPLE Consulting (Professional) Services Contract    
16-11067     Administration - Short Term Rentals Ordinance                     07/28/2016     Shari Hamilton
16-11059 Tank Maintenance and Certification 06/16/2016 Joy Brown
  Addendum A - Questions and Answers    
  Q and A Att 1 - AMC-City_of_Berkeley_-_Corporate_Yard-2015-10-05    
  Q and A Att 2 - AMC-City_of_Berkeley_-_Public_Library-2015-10-15    
  Q and A Att 3 - AMC-City_of_Berkeley_-_Safety_Building-2015-10-06    
  Q and A Att 4 - AMC-City_of_Berkeley_-_Transfer_Station-2015-10-06    
  Q and A Att 5 - SB989City_of_Berkeley_-_Transfer_Station-2015-12-22    
  Q and A Att 6 - SB-City_of_Berkeley_-_Corporate_Yard-2015-10-05    
  Q and A Att 7 - SB-City_of_Berkeley_-_Safety_Building-2015-10-06    
  Q and A Att 8 - SB-City_of_Berkeley_-_Transfer_Station-2015-10-06    
  Q and A Att 9 - SCT-City_of_Berkeley_-_Corporate_Yard-2015-10-05    
  Q and A Att 10 - SCT-City_of_Berkeley_-_Transfer_Station-2015-12-22    
  See sample of Personal Services Contract above    
16-11065 - REBID One New 2016 Toyota Tundra 4X4 Pickup Truck 06/21/2016 Sherri Degnan
16-11070 Moderated Online Engagement Forum     06/23/2016 Matthai Chakko
  See sample of Personal Services Contract above    
16-11046 Berkeley Bike Share Low-Income Outreach Program 06/30/2016 Kara Oberg
  Addendum A - Questions and Answers    
  See sample of Personal Services Contract above    
16-11012-C Enterprise Resource Planning and Implementation Service                             07/14/2016 Tasha Tervalon
16-11012-C Enterprise Resource Planning and Implementation with Fillable Forms    
  Attachment 8 - Requirements    
  Attachment 9 - Interfaces    
  Attachment 10 - Conversions    
  Attachment 11 - Cost    
  Attachment 12 - Staffing    
  Attachment 15 - Maps    
  Attachment 19 - Comp Matrix    
  Addendum A - Questions and Answers    
  Addendum B - Questions and Answers and Clarification    
16-11071 Safety Training and Support Services 07/07/2016 Joy Brown
16-11064-C         Berkeley Fire Department Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillators 07/19/16 David McPartland




Construction Bids

For information on Public Works and Parks, Recreation & Waterfront construction-related projects, please see Construction Project Bid Opportunities.

Additional Information & Links

If you are unable to acces this information or have any questions, please contact:
General Services - Procurement by email or phone (510) 981-7320 or TDD (510) 981-7250.--C

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