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Press Contact: Mary Kay Clunies-Ross, PIO, City Manager's Office, (510) 981-7008

The City will present on Berkeley’s climate protection efforts at the 2008 Transforming Local Government Conference

Berkeley, California (Wednesday, January 02, 2008) - The City of Berkeley was recently selected to give a presentation on developing and implementing community-based climate protection initiatives at a national conference that focuses on innovations in local government.

“Climate change is a global problem, but it has local impacts and local communities have a huge role to play in finding solutions that are going to work,” said Climate Action Coordinator Timothy Burroughs. “Our community has much to do, but we’re also at the leading edge when it comes to finding such solutions.”

The City will make one of 24 presentations at the Transforming Local Government Conference in June in Greenville, South Carolina. More than 100 cities from across the U.S. and Canada applied. The conference is organized by the Alliance for Innovation.

The City’s current climate action planning effort was launched by Measure G, which passed by 81 percent of the vote in 2006. It mandates that the City find a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by the year 2050. Since that time, City staff members have been conducting a robust community engagement program and significant greenhouse gas emissions analysis and strategy prioritization. The Measure G plan will be circulated to the public in draft form in mid-January and submitted to the City Council at the January 29 meeting.

The Alliance for Innovation, formerly The Innovation Groups (IG), is an international nonprofit local government association with a mission to network innovative local governments and private companies to bring about cost reductions, service improvements, and productivity increases in the public sector through technologies, processes, and ideas.

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