For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Jennifer Coats, PIO/Berkeley Police Department, (510) 981-5780


Berkeley, California (Tuesday, November 06, 2012) - This week the Berkeley Police Department (BPD) hosted a training seminar on Fair and Impartial Policing.  The department invited leadership-level personnel along with community stakeholders to attend the training, which took place November 5th and 6th.

 “We are working to serve our community in the most effective and just way possible and this training will help us in that ongoing effort," said Chief of Police Michael K. Meehan.

The seminar, taught by Dr. Lorie Fridell, the former Director of Research at the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), and a nationally recognized expert on racially biased policing, focused on a science-based approach to fair and impartial policing.

 The training provided information on human biases and guidance for promoting fair and impartial policing in the areas of policy, training, supervision/accountability, leadership, recruitment/hiring, institutional practices/priorities, and outreach.

 In attendance were members of the Berkeley Police Department, Oakland Police Department, Albany Police Department, University of California Berkeley Police Department, Kansas Attorney General’s Office, NAACP, ACLU and the Berkeley Police Review Commission.

One attendee, Mansour Ideen of the Berkeley NAACP stated, “This was a good opportunity to see how the Berkeley Police Department is approaching policing in this City. I was impressed.”  Mansour Ideen, Berkeley NAACP.