For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Roger Rushing, Senior Green Building Inspector, (510) 981-7457


Berkeley, California (Tuesday, August 10, 2010) - New guidelines designed to help Berkeley residents use rainwater inside and outside are now available. Learn how you can collect rain from your own rooftop for use watering your garden or even flushing your toilet!

Berkeley averages roughly 20 inches of rain a year. That rainwater currently flows off your roof, into a storm drain and out to the San Francisco Bay. Harvesting rainwater helps conserve water and can save you money on your water bill by reducing your need for potable water.

Rainwater can be used to water all your plants – including edible plants and gardens.  Untreated rainwater collection can only be for outside irrigation. For indoor uses, such as toilet-flushing, follow the treatment standards detailed in The City of Berkeley's Rainwater Policy: Guidelines For Rainwater Harvesting (.pdf). 

To learn more, please visit the City’s Rainwater Harvesting page.